Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Wow- so check out my new hair, or my new hair cut rather, I guess that the hair was already there! First I guess you better see what it looked like before (right and left). It may seem silly, but this was a big deal for me! This is the shortest I have ever had my hair in my life (see below), by far! It was really necessary though. You see, about 4 months after I had Roman my hair began falling out in handfuls. While you're pregnant you produce hormones that prevent you body from shedding the hair that it naturally would, so after you have the baby all that stored up hair that should have been lost over the last nine months suddenly begins to fall out! And boy did it ever! My stylist said that I lost about 50%of my hair (luckly it was very thick to begin with so all the loss left me with a fairly normal head of hair, although thin for me).

All the loss was annoying but the big problem actually started when it all began to grow back in! Suddenly I had these ridiculous short little hairs all over my head! Along my part it looked like I had cut a small mohawk! It was downright goofy looking! For the first time since the third grade I had bangs and you could literally lift up my hair and find these new hairs growing back in ALL OVER my head!

Well, the regrowth started in about 9 months ago, so the little hairs are now about 4-5 inches long and (before my cut) could clearly be seen in a line around my head and framing my face. I felt like my hair was completely out of control! You know those afghan dogs with the long droopy ears and hair- that is what I felt like! Positively hideous! (The picture to the right shows how long the new hairs were at this point)

So I decided to take the plunge! When I finally decided to make the appointment I knew there was no going back- it was all coming off! My amazing stylist, Annie Grieve at Strata Salon Spa, was suggesting some longer cuts at first, but I just told her, "Annie, I look terrible! Just do what you have to do to make me have cute, sassy, flirty (Chic & Savvy, hehe) hair! I don't care what it takes- Just do it!" So she did- and she did an amazing job at that! I feel so much freer- ready to conquer the world, or maybe the pile of laundry in my closest anyway! Sometimes a nice big change and a little less weight on your head (literally) is all you need to kick start a fresh beginning in your life! Oh, how nice it feels!

To top it all off, Jer watched Roman while I was gone, which hasn't happened in quite a while due to some pretty serious separation anxiety Roman was dealing with. But they hung out last night and they both did great! Jer gave him a bath and a massage and everything! When I got home the look of shock on Jer's face was priceless! I don't think he expected that much hair to be gone, and honestly I was nervous to show him! After the initial stun he did much better and made a point to tell me I was beautiful throughout the night, which was very nice to hear. Roman just giggled when he saw me, like he knew something wasn't quite the same and that dad was fairly amused by it!

It was an interesting evening all around, to say the least! Liberating and gratifying all in one! So, go cut your hair ladies- but make sure you get the best stylist you can possibly find! And don't hold back of be safe- just go for it!


Alicia said...

Aww, you look great! I did the same thing a few months ago. I had hair down to my waist and chopped it up to my chin. Drastic, but so fun! Now i miss the long hair though, lol.

I had the same problem with all the new hair growth. For about 6 months I had a 2-inch tuft of hair that stuck straight out over the middle of my forehead. NOT attractive in the least so I have sympathy!

Vegan Knitting said...

I think it looks just perfect!

DidiLyn said...

Just randomly happened by your blog and had to laugh at the pic of your preg. test. LOL! Too funny. Had to stay to comment on the great hair cut. Love it!!!
Blessings to you and your family.