Wednesday, September 1, 2010

30 Meals and Recipe Card Printables!

September is here!  Isn't that crazy?!  I am still in disbelief!  Where did summer go?  Today I dawned my first cool weather outfit in months and although I LOVE summer (and would actually move to Hawaii, hands down, in a heart beat, if give the opportunity) there is something welcoming and homey about the coming of fall.  Trips to the apple orchard and the fair, our large Maples turning red and golden, hot soups and stews with fresh baked bread (of course!)- it's a captivating season!

So, to kick off this season I thought I would share a very cool idea that I recently ran across on the web, along with an accompanying printable that I think you will all enjoy!  Have you heard of Nannygoat and the 30 Meals project?  Well, if not, you must head over and check it out!!  The beautiful ladies behind this blog, Kathryn and Melissa, have written a series of 7 different posts that lay out all the details on how to simplify your meal planning by narrowing your recipe file down to your 30 favorite (or about that many- I hope to go over a bit), creating a database of all the needed ingredients, and placing your recipes on laminated recipe cards that are easily accessible.  You really should just go there and read it because they have it so well laid out I could not possibly do justice to it here, and well, it's their idea!

I am planning on doing a variation of the 30 Meals, although I think those of you who know me won't be surprised that I intend to not only do our 30 favorite dinners but also our 30 favorite breakfasts, lunches, snacks and side-dishes!  I also plan to have a few recipes that rotate in and out with the seasons- such as hearty soups and stews that we normally cook more in the fall and winter than the summer.  Once the project is complete I think it will be such a helpful tool and really aid in simplifying my monthly meal planning.  It is going to be a great deal of work but I am really looking forward to it!

Since part of the project is putting all your recipes on nice and neat recipe cards, I decided that it would be fun to put together some of my own with a few digital scrapbooking supplies that I have been collecting.  As I was working on them I realized that you ladies would probably like a copy of them too, since I am so sure that once you read the details on the 30 Meals project you won't be able to help yourselves but jump right in too!  Plus with the holidays coming we could all use a few cheap gift ideas, and wouldn't it be great to surprise a friend or family member with their own beautified 30 Meal recipe card set?!

My goal is to come out with a few new recipe cards every month, and maybe, just maybe, I will trow in a few with recipes actually on them as well (but that is for another day!).  My cards are sized at 5x7 instead of the 4x6 that normal recipe cards are, because I figured you could fit more information on them and they would be easier to read.  If you really want them smaller I am sure you could easily size them down though!

So here is my Start of Fall set!  There are two versions- one with a spot for a picture of your recipe and one without.  I think that these cards will be perfect for my shepherds pie, pot roast, and bountiful stew recipes!  What do you think?

(click to go to download)

Go ahead and grab your copy (or a few!)!  Also, I would love to hear about how you are going to use them or if you have any requests or suggestions for future cards!  So, if you grab the download it would be just peachy if you left a comment and let me know!

I hope you enjoy, and Happy 30 Meals planning!

PS. Most of the design elements were freebies by Michelle Underwood at Two Peas in a Bucket.