Thursday, September 4, 2008

September already?!?!

Alright, I can't believe that September is already here! I kept thinking it was farther away than it really was and that August was going to last longer- but it didn't and September is here! This officially marks the beginning of me getting VERY busy!! Check out my fall:

Doula Stuff:
  • Will attend my first birth (a UC) as an assistant doula next week- I will also be the postpartum doula for this client
  • Will attend an infant adoption education seminar next weekend to supplement my doula work
  • Apply for a scholarship for my Lactation Educator training
  • Acting as back up doula for a client due in early October
  • Doing a TON of doula reading before October 31!!
  • Going to my postpartum training workshop (and hosting it!) October 31- November 2
  • Getting my CPR certification November 6
  • Going to my birth training workshop November 8-9
  • Sometime at the end of November, beginning of October I will be attending my first official solo-doula births and postpartum doula-ing for those clients
  • Oh and the 3rd Saturday of each month I will be attending our local doula network meetings!

Do I sound crazy yet? There's more!

  • Sewing somewhere between 30-50 stockings for my parent's home decor shop (Labor of Love Creations) and customizing some with stenciled names and sayings
  • Knitting booties and a hat to match the sweater I posted here
  • Finishing a larger version of the hat I posted here for a friend's daughter's birthday (which was at the beginning of August! Oops!)
  • Knitting my father-in-law this winter hat (he saw a similar one at a local street fair we went to and has been begging me everyday since!)
  • Finishing Roman's Ditto Daddy training pants (although I don't think we will need them anymore since he is doing so well wearing normal big boy boxer briefs- they are hysterical!)
  • Oh, and I recently found some fabric at the local fabric shop that I fell in love with and am desperate to make a quilt out of!!
  • Plus I want to do a few projects as Christmas gifts, probably bath teas, bath salts and knitted wash clothes!

Hmmm... on top of that we are trying to get pregnant, figure out Chic & Savvy Mamas (and try to expand), do TotSchool with Roman and be a better wife and housekeeper than I have been lately! Okay, deep breaths... I work better under pressure... I WILL be more productive this way... I can do this... pray for me and wish me the best!