Monday, September 13, 2010

My 400th Post!!!

400 posts!!  It doesn't seem possible!  (okay- so it was actually 2 posts ago and I thought I had it all worked out to post this as the 400th but something went wrong!  Oh well- 402 will have to do!)

Just over three years ago I began this blog, and although there have been slow times and I still often feel a need for direction, this blog has been a haven for me in the midst of an otherwise crazy life.  I appreciate each of my readers so much- especially those who comment and let me know they're there, but I am also keenly aware that I follow many blogs but don't comment nearly as much as I should!  So, I appreciate ALL of you who read, regardless of commentage!

But this post isn't about comments- it's about posts!  Lots of them (well to me anyway)!  Quite frankly I'm frequently amazed that I find a way to post at all much of the time with these two lovable but slightly insane kiddos!  Anymore, though, I find that not blogging is no more an option than not breathing.  Between dirty diapers, cleaning bathrooms and making dinner, this is one of the few places that gives me respite and allows me to remember who I am.

To be completely honest I would have to say that as much as I am in my blog it has grown to be in me over these years as well.  I take pictures of my children largely based on how well they will look on my blog.  I also realized while thumbing through the photos on my iPhone the other day with an old friend who wanted to see pictures of my kids, that I have an inordinate number of pictures of food!  I had no other way to explain the 10 pictures of a dutch baby pancake to him than to say, "Sorry- I'm a blogger!". That summed it up!

This blog had humble beginnings as all blogs do, I suppose, and is obviously still humble in many ways!  There have been some posts that I have been very proud of and others that were rather inconsequential.  One thing, for certain, though, ties them all together- they all contain a piece of me.  To commemorate this momentous occasion, I thought I would give you a glimpse back over some of my favorite posts in the last three years.  So, here goes!  Enjoy and let me know what you think!  ;-)

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