Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just 32 days left... or so!

Wow- where did a week go?! Sheesh! Well, between being excessively tired and going a little nesting-crazy, I guess time just slipped away from me! My apologies!

So, since I last wrote about The Belly, I had my baby shower! It was small this time- my first was very large, so we just decided to have good friends and family this time around- more of a blessing for the baby and birth than anything. Along with all of the well-wishes and much appreciated prayers, we received many lovely gifts. One of my personal favorites (and trust me, it's hard to choose), were these small wool longies that a friend custom knit for us! There are simply BEAUTIFUL!! I am sure I will be posting lots of action shots once baby is born and using these all the time!
I also am in love with our new dresser/changing table from my in-laws! I have been wanting a dresser in our bedroom for quite some time now, along with a nice place to change baby downstairs and lay everything out for the birth on- well, now we have one! Yeah!!! Slowly our room (that my husband finished in our basement a year ago) is getting furnished and decorated! Little by little it is feeling more homey!

Another gift I LOVE is this 100% natural rubber giraffe named Sophie by Vulli toys! They use only food grade dyes to make her and she even gives a little squeak! Most of the toys we had for Roman when he was little were plastic, since I didn't know any better, so I really wanted to give this babe some better options to play with! This giraffe fits the bill- I am so glad and thankful that my trusty, natural mama friend (and doula) got it for us!

Here are a few more pics from the day:

Me- scarffing chocolate chip icecream cake from Baskin Robbins- my FAVORITE! The top of it said "Here comes Trouble!"- oh so true!

Here I am with my grandma (dad's mom) and my mom (who was the main shower-thrower, along with my grandma on her side and my aunt). The grandma is this picture adamately states that I am having a girl this time because of the way I am carrying! She was just as adamate that Roman was a boy, so I am hoping she is right!

In addition, I am happy to report that the Summer of Baby Love review/giveaway lineup is almost full!! It is going to be a great summer with so many great natural and attachment parenting products to feature, including a lovely selection of diapers, mama cloth, baby carriers, nursing pads and more! I am so excited to share all these wonderful products, and their creators with all of you- you are going to love them!

In fact, I have had such a great response so far to the Summer of Baby Love Party, it looks like we will probably be continuing into the Fall, so be sure that if you know of a product you would like to see featured or have/make a product yourself that you would like to get in on some blog party lovin'- let me know! The fall is currently completely open and I still have a couple of spots for summer, so get your info into me while there is still time!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The baby sets are finally complete!

Knit Bits Meme

Alright, much later than I had originally intended, but completed none-the-less, here are the sets I have put together for the babe on the way:
Just-in-case-it's-a-Boy Set
Just-in-case-it's-a-Girl Set

Both sets include a pair of perfection pants longies I knit, a hat I knit, a Nanipoos newborn diaper, socks, and two shirt options. I figure this should covers us for the first day or night (whatever time this babe is born), and of course after we actually decide to put clothes on (which could be a while since I plan on taking an herbal bath with the babe and getting as much skin-to-skin time as possible!).

It feels really nice to have one more thing checked off my long list of things to do before this babe gets here! Both sets are packed into a paper bag and tucked away, patiently awaiting the day that one of them will be put into use! I can rest easy knowing that at least, if nothing else gets done, my child will be clothed!

So, do have a fun little item you have knit recently (or not so recently) for a babe in your life? If so, join the meme by leaving a comment with a link to a post about your project! Make sure to include the button in your post so people know this is the meme you are participating in!

Also, for all of you baby-knit-lovers out there, be sure to check back this summer during the Summer of Baby Love party on my blog- I will have lots of contests for knit & crocheted stuff, including some VERY cute longies and soakers! Until next time!

My favorite giveaways this week!

Once again, there is a ton of stuff up for grabs in the blogosphere and I just can't help but share some of my favorites with my readers so that you all can have a chance to win too (or give your winnings to me for my birthday in 2 weeks :-) ! Check these out:

The Cloth Diaper Whisperer

As usual, the fun ladies over at The Cloth Diaper Whisperer are giving away a great package this week, including a Gro-Baby Diaper System and a Moby Wrap!! I would love to try a wrap carrier with our next babe since I have scoliosis and could use the extra support in my babywearing adventures!

My next favorite giveaway is over at Natural Mommie!

This mommie is giving away an AWESOME bamboo make-up brush set by Ecotools! Considering the fact that I have been using a blush brush as my foundation brush for years now, I would REALLY, SERIOUSLY LOVE to win this giveaway!

Also over at Natural Mommie is a giveaway for some Moonpads! Heading into the postpartum period very soon, and all that comes with it, I would really love to win this giveaway too so that those weeks of lochia could be met a little bit more comfortably!

So, go on... go enter away!

Monday, April 13, 2009

And the winner is...

According to, an online random number generator,

is the Ecostore USA Baby Shampoo Winner!!
(You can check out her blogs I Like and I Win)

Now, for all of you who didn't win- there are still deals to be had! Become a fan of Ecostore USA on Facebook for awesome discounts, news and deals! You can also follow on Twitter @ecostoreusa for the latest, up to the moment info! Also, any order over $25 gets FREE shipping until the end of the month, so don't miss out!

Thank you so much to all my wonderful readers- new and old- who participated in this giveaway! It is just the first of many to come this summer, so be sure to check back! Also this week I will be posting on some fun baby and belly stuff, so I hope my little corner of the web will keep you refreshed and maybe even slightly entertained!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Check out Ecostore and my 1st Giveaway!!!

Well, as many of you know I am going to be hosting a party on my blog this summer for some awesome natural & attachment parenting products:

...but I thought I would kick things off this month with a little teaser giveaway- just a preview of other wonderful things to come!

Recently Ecostore USA contacted me about reviewing a few of their products. I was thrilled, to say the least, to get the chance to not only check out these products for myself but also be able to offer one of them to my readers in a fun little giveaway!

Now, I must admit, I came into this review already being a stickler for the kinds of bath, body and household cleaning products I allow in our home. Any product that I don't make myself or have intimate knowledge of is, by nature, prone to a large amount of skepticism and investigation. So, imagine how thrilled I was when after some reading I discovered that Ecostore's products not only met my expectations but exceeded them!

Ecostore is a little company that had it's start up in New Zealand and is now broadening it's horizons to a more international scope (lucky us!)! They're highly comprehensive website is impressive to say the least- not only do they sell their products, but they help us, as the consumer, to become more informed about our chemical choices so that we can make the best decisions for our families. Check out what they have to say about what it really means to be green in their article Your Family, Your Chioce, or how about some of the videos they have produced to help us stay up on making conscious consumer chemical choices. Best of all, they have a page completely devoted to the full disclosure of every ingredient in their products (something I always look for- I like to know that they have nothing to hide!).

So, after doing my research I gave a few of their products a trial run! The first thing I tried was their Toilet Cleaner. Made from mostly plant-based ingredients, this tough little cleaner will not only leave your toilet shiny and new, but will also do no harm to our waterways, and let's you walk away from a satisfying cleaning experience without feeling light-headed from inhaling any nasty fumes! After using this product for two weeks in both our bathrooms I am happy to report sparkling, eco-friendly results and would highly recommend this product to any of my readers!

Next stop on my trial list was Ecostore's Wool Wash. Now, with a new babe on the way and a toddler still using cloth dipes at night, I had a quite a few wool covers to wash and prep. Once again, Ecostore's simple, plant-based solution worked wonders and left our garments smelling fresh and looking great. I am happy to report that the longies I knit for the new babe are clean and ready for wearing just as soon as he or she arrives, and I have no worries of any harsh chemicals being left over that could leach from the pants onto his or her skin- very comforting for a mama! I also thought that Ecostore offers their Wool Wash at a very reasonable price in comparison with other wool washes on the market, especially for it's quality.

Lastly, and drum roll please (this one is the giveaway!), I tried out Ecostore's Baby Shampoo on my toddler's thick head of hair (it may be short, but it is thick and coarse!). The soothing scent and natural and plant-based ingredients (of coarse), made this shampoo the perfect selection for Roman's night-time bathing experience and left his hair silky smooth! He enjoyed the cute picture on the bottle and I enjoy knowing that he is not getting exposed to anything that could potentially harm him- the best of both worlds!

So, would you like to get in on some of the action and try out this wonderful Baby Shampoo too? Well, here's your chance!

How to Enter the Ecostore Baby Shampoo Giveaway:
- Visit the Ecostore site and then return here and leave a comment about your favorite product! It's that simple!

Want extra entries (and you know you do!)? Leave an extra comment for any of the following:
1. Post about the giveaway on your blog (leave the link in your comment).
2. Post my Mama Kenz Studio or Summer of Baby Love buttons on your blog (find in left sidebar).
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5. Follow me on Twitter and tweet about the giveaway (leave your Twitter screenname & what time you tweeted).

Winner will be chosen Monday April 13, 2009- so make sure you leave your entries before then! Also be sure you either leave your e-mail address or have it on your blog so I can contact you if you are the winner! Good Luck!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Out of Commision? I think not!

So, a couple of weeks ago I bought myself a new maternity T-shirt. Considering I only had one other rather unflattering T (the rest of my maternity tops are sweaters and long-sleeved shirts), and spring is slowly making it's appearance around these parts, I thought that it was time I spent the money- even for just one! I chose a nice, springy shade of blue with rouging down the sides to form around my belly and make me feel a little less like I was wearing a mumu! I was happy and satisfied.

That is, until I wore the shirt for the first time and managed to drip chocolate on my belly! No problem- just quickly throw it in the wash, right? Nope- still there. Okay, so use a little stronger stain remover and try it again! Even worse- this time whatever else I had in that load of wash managed to bleed out onto the shirt creating not only a stain, but a "lovely" tie-dye effect as well!

How Pretty! Not!

At that point I was just thinking, "You have got to be kidding me!! My ONE decent maternity T- RUINED! And I don't have the money to buy another one! What the heck am I going to wear the next two months?!"

Aww, well, mama just had to put a little ingenuity to work! I dyed the sucker! Yup, my springy blue T is now my royal purple T! A little Dylon, an hour out of my morning and VOILA, beauty!
The stitching did stay blue (must have been some sort of polyester), but at this point I figure it just adds to the over-all spunk of this already character-enhanced piece of my meager wardrobe!

So next time you think your new, or favorite, or most loved garment is ruined in the wash- head to the craft store, spend $2 and make a fresh masterpiece for your closet! Take that, you evil washing machine!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another Awesome Giveaway!

The Cloth Diaper Whisperer

Alright, so Kelly's Closet is giving away another amazing prize package over at The Cloth Diaper Whisperer! Check it out:

1-Northern Essence Better Butter Cream
1-Northern Essence Whipped Baby Lotion
1-Northern Essence Foaming Wipes Solution
1-GroBaby One Size Diaper System

First of all- I am so stinking intrigued with those Gro-Baby diapers and want to try one out desperately! I put in for every Gro-baby contest I can find! Second- I have heard such wonderful things about the Northern Essence line of products and even registered for the foaming wipes solution (to try to make things a little easier in those early weeks with a new babe before I start making my own)!

This prize was made for me! If level of want factored into the giveaway somehow- I would win by a landslide! In fact, I even debated about posting this awesome giveaway on here because what am I doing other than drumming up more competition for myself?! But, my yearning for another entry drove me to do it! So there ya go... go on... go enter... slim my chances down and tell me all about it when you win... :-)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

32 Weeks- This baby is coming next month!

Wow, so yeah, as of today I can officially say that this baby is supposed to be here next month!! And check out the belly!Yeah- it get's bigger all the time! In fact I was just mentioning on Facebook today that my bladder is currently so squashed that I can't even make it through a nap without having to get up and pee! Crazy!

I feel good though and am still incredibly thankful that I am seeing such a wonderful chiropractor- she makes all the difference in my life! I had a bit of a nesting frenzy the other day that lead me to hardly be able to walk by the end of the day- luckly I saw Dr. Michelle the next morning and am now feeling totally back to normal! However, despite the achiness that ensued, I am still very glad that I took advantage of my drive to nest that day! Last week at my prenatal my midwife asked me if I had started to prepare everything for the birth and I was like, "I have two more months, don't I?!" I had vowed to myslef that I wouldn't start getting things until April so that I would help not make myself too anxious for the birth. I did start to buy some supplies this last weekend though and look at what I accomplished on that day of nesting at home:

Somehow, over the last month or so things had just accumulated in our front room and sort of took over! Not anymore! This room is now almost completely birth-ready! We plan to put the futon down so that Roman can nap and be put to bed at night in this room during the birth if need be. I will also use the futon postpartum for napping and resting with the baby since our bedroom is in the basement and my midwife only wants me going up and down the stairs once a day for the first few weeks. In addition to this little arrangement I plan to be getting as much help from family and friends as possible in those first 2-3 weeks after the little one arrives!

Any more, this is the state you can mostly find me in:

I have been amazed by just how quickly I get worn out these days- much more than I felt with Roman's pregnancy! The last two days I have had outings in the morning- meetings with clients, appointments, presentations at moms groups- and by the time I have gotten home in the early afternoon I can hardly keep my eyes open! Good thing Roman is a good napper and likes to snuggle me for a little afternoon snooze so we can both make it through the rest of the day refreshed and a little less moody!

Lastly, here are a couple of funny shots that I thought were amusing! The first one is of me making dinner- nothing fabulous. The funny part is that Roman took it after he figured out how to turn on the camera and everything. He also got ahold of my iPhone and managed to not only turn it on and use the slide bar to get to the main screen, but also get to the "rearrange" mode and move my icons all over the place! As if I'm not confused enough these days! It was pretty commical!

This next pic is of my lovely husband at the store last week! I couldn't help but snap this photo as he pulled the whole bulk foods container off the shelf and jimmy-rigged it open so he could poor back some of the granola he had just dumped into his bag- apparently a little too much! At the time it was very funny- especially when the girl who worked in the department walked by laughing (seeing me take a pic) and trying to say without completely cracking up, "Are you finding everything okay?" To which my reply was, of course, "Oh, I think we are finding more than enough! Thanks!" Good times, good times!
Just 8 more weeks and you will be seeing pics of my new babe, but for today I will leave you with some birth tid-bits to chew on- check out my friend's blog (who is also a fellow doula) for some very interesting info on our country's rising Ceserean rates, writing a good birth plan and more!