Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pieces of Art

Well, Roman and I both expressed our creative sides this week, just in different ways.
A knitted sweater for a friend's baby shower.

Crayon masterpieces using the back of our couch as a canvas! Sadly, this wasn't the first time he has deemed this spot as a perfect location for his creations, but luckily he used crayon instead of ball point pen (like last time) and it came out pretty quickly (you can see I had already begun scrubbing when I decided to take the picture). I became aware of the situation when things got very quiet and then Roman ran into the office squealing, "Mama! I write AND color!!" Uh-oh! Not a good combination, especially with that bright green crayon poised in his victorious fist! Oh well- he's two! At least he didn't brake something! And hey, I think he has a future as an artist- don't you?!

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Tawny said...

That is the cutest sweater! I bet your friend will be thrilled with it!