Thursday, November 8, 2007

Grab your coat and get your hat...

We are headed for Leavenworth! Waahoo! I received a very unexpected call from Jer this morning letting me know that some good friends of ours had invited us to go on a little overnight weekend getaway to a quaint German-like village on the other side of our state- TOMORROW!! It is completely last minute but will be a much needed reprieve from the stress that has been enveloping our lives as of late! The couple, Denver and Vanessa, have a little girl, Evalina, who is very close to Roman in age so it should be a lot of fun!

We have some other friends that might come along too, but their son (who is also Roman's age) is quite particular about his sleeping arrangements. Ya know, it's funny, because people criticize me about how Roman sleeps (still co-sleeping a lot of the time) and yet when it comes to situations such as this, he is SO much more portable! He really is pretty good at going with the flow of things! I can't complain! Plus, the longer he half co-sleeps with us the more I think that it is normal. I mean, that is the way families slept throughout most of time. He is only 1 1/2- it is completely natural for him to fell the need to be close to his mother at night and I think he should be able to be until he naturally has the urge to sleep on his own. This portion of their lives is so small comparatively- so why not? Of course, I know that Jer doesn't think this way and one day soon I am going to have to officially get him to sleep on his own, and I suppose as I get bigger I won't want him in there anyway. I just hope that we can get his room finished quickly so the transition is smoother. We shall see!

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