Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Okay- I know! I have been a total slacker on my blog! But all my time lately online has been spent updating my Due-Date Club on MDC (I'm in charge of the due date thread) and Diaper Hunting! Yes, yes, my dears- I have been hunting for diapers! It sounds crazy I know, but twice annually Diaper Decisions holds a Great Cloth Diaper Hunt where you search a bunch of different WAHM sites for a specific diaper icon and the more you find the more prizes you are entered to win! I participated in the one they held in May, but came nowhere near finishing it! This time however I only have 24 more icons left- that means I have found over 100 so far! Waahoo! I really want to win some stuff this time, although it is pretty fun just to see all the different shops and cute things to buy! I have been adding to my online baby registry left and right! Very exciting!

Speaking of babies- I'm still growing one! Although, it still doesn't feel real. My lower stomach is starting to bulge a bit (only enough for me to notice) and so far I haven't had much sickness to speak of- however I do feel more tired this time around and my sense of smell is MUCH more acute! I will probably make my initial appointment with our midwife soon- it would be fun (and reassuring) to hear the heartbeat and such.

Roman is doing well- as crazy as ever! he was Nacho Libre for Halloween! It was hysterical! We took him up to the mall with Elijah and Evalina- both of whom were terrified of him with his mask on! Everyone in the mall kept stopping and saying, "Hey Look! It's Nacho! What an awesome costume!" It was a lot of fun to see him running around in it- he even kept his mask on almost the entire time! I will post pictures soon!

Well, I think that is all for now, but I will try to be better about posting! I am always happy when I do, I just need to make a point to do it!

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