Monday, April 7, 2008

Homekeeper Challenge Weekly Post #2!

Alright, first of all I need to apologize for my absence this past week. As many of you know form reading my last post, my Great-grandmother died last Tuesday evening which has been difficult on my family all around. On top of that, we are finishing our basement and my husband painted sealer on the tile in our new shower, in turn producing noxious fumes that drove us out of the house for three days. So between the funeral and staying at a variety of houses (my grandmother's and my in-laws) I have simply not been able to blog as I would like.

The events of last week also put a bit of a hitch in my efforts to be an honorable homekeeper- much to my dismay. It was just one of those weeks that you feel like a failure. It was pointed out to me, by someone who shall remain nameless, that perhaps I am making myself sound on my blog like I have this homekeeper thing down and I am schooling all of you in it. I would like to make it abundantly clear right not that that is not the case! I am a work in progress and have sooo much to learn! I just thought this little challenge would be a great way to meet other women with the same goals I do so that we can spur each other on the good works and learn how to better bless our families in the process. So, forgive me if I have made myself sound otherwise.

With all of that said, I come to my personal challenge for the week- blessing and helping my husband. In general, I don't think I am very good at this. Whether it be lack of will or lack of knowledge, I don't always bless him in the ways I am sure he would appreciate. For instance, he is currently working on finishing our basement (it should be done in just a few weeks- yay!!) and most of the time I just let him do it all- he is the carpenter after all! I reason in my head many times that I would just be in the way or simply have better things to do, but in reality I know that if nothing else he would enjoy my company while he worked.
So, for me this week I am taking on the challenge (a little reluctantly, I must admit) of blessing my husband in whatever way I can, be it holding up a board while he screws it in or simply watching my tone of voice to make sure that I don't sound snappy- I just need to do it and quit making excuses for myself! This couldn't come at a better time since it is baby making week and nobody wants to TTC with someone they aren't particularly fond of at the moment! So, wish us luck (or God's hand of blessing, rather) and blessings to you in the challenges you choose for your upcoming week!


NotJustLaura said...

Thank you for continuing the Challenge in difficult circumstances. Here's my post:

Anonymous said...

I'll join in on this one. I'll have to post about it this evening.

Anonymous said...

This is going to be a good but challenging one for me, but isnt that the whole point of the challenge. If it werent we would call it boring. My post is up too, you all have a good one.

Momma Bug said...

Wow! Is that your basement?!
Good job Mama Kenz's husband!
My guy has that saw too, and loves it:-)

Dear dear Mama Kenz,
being that kind of help to your husband is the best use of your time and energy.
It is a lot of work sometimes just to keep up that gracious and pleasant attitude.
There is nothing that will make your house more of a welcoming and hospitable home than the two of you enjoying each other.

Keep up the good work!

MorganMoon said...

I like this idea...of blessing your husband...I am often focussed so much on what I need from my partner that i forget about what he needs from me. So thanks for reminding me of this!