Tuesday, December 15, 2009

hmmmm, Tuesday already?

So, I didn't mean to take a bloggy break, but a week and a half ago things became utterly crazy!  We went from rarely having anywhere to go or anything to do to having at least one outing every day for EIGHT days!  It was nuts!  Then, as soon as we had a full day at home (well, technically my husband and I were supposed to go on a date that night) both boys came down with colds (hence, canceling date)- so that pretty much did us in for the weekend!

Now, here we are on Tuesday and I am wondering where time went!  To be honest, much of the holiday season will probably look like this on my blog, despite my best efforts.  Many times throughout the day I longing stare at my computer as I hold a screaming baby in my arms, wishing for some quiet alone time!  But let's face it- it's just not happening much these days!  And when I do get a chance to be on the computer I am usually working on Christmas gifts or attempting to catch up on the boy's blogs (a couple weeks behind) and I just have to adhere to some sort of priority list. 

So it is.  I just need to get over it!

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Secret Mommy said...

I'm also a mama who doesn't like to have an outing every day of the week. I just don't know how some of my friends do it being out and about every single day with something or other. I hope things settle down for you! I'm due to deliver my 2nd any day now...so I'm about to enter the chaos you're experiencing now! :) Merry Christmas!