Wednesday, July 2, 2008

At last... A yard!!!

Well, a front yard anyway! We officially finished it this last weekend and I couldn't be more excited! Okay, well, we do still have to put in some stone steps near the street and gravel the driveway, but other than that it is beautiful (in my opinion) and usable!

We have not had a yard in over 3 years! We tore it out to connect to the county sewer system but then were not able to afford to put the yard back in. We were supposed to get it finished at the end of last summer, but right after our landscaper convinced my husband to buy an obscene number of boulders, he decided to bail on us! So, for the past 9 months we have had a huge pile of boulders and a pallet of slate sitting in our front yard, along with weeds and nothingness- helpful as a landmark for people to find our house, but not so appealing otherwise!

Not any more though! For the first time in his life, Roman has a yard to play in! He has been so enjoying running through the sprinklers (we have to water a lot to get the sod to take root) and rubbing his bare feet through our lush, green grass! For the first time in my life, I got to go to a nursery and pick out flowers I like and plant them in my flower beds!

It was a lot of work but it was soooo worth it! To be quite honest it doesn't even seem real! Tune in tomorrow to see what I have been working on in the back yard!

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