Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Come Fly With Me!

Alright, many of you saw my crazy list of goals from last year. Needless to say- I failed many of them! So, this year I have decided to simplify things a bit. My overlying goal this year is to get organized and establish routines so that I am in turn able to accomplish the other things I want to with my time. Simplicity and peace are the key words here!

In order to accomplish this I have decided to subscribe to a popular internet organization program that many of you may know and have probably also (like me) tried it for some length of time in the past. It is called FlyLady.net. The FlyLady helps you to learn to Fly with BabySteps instead of insurmountable goals that allow you to develop lasting routines and habits to make your home more organized and peaceful. As you start flying you begin to incoporate something called a Control Journal to keep you on task and your routines organized. She has a Zone cleaning system in place that allows you to focus on only heavily cleaning one room a week, and she lays out specific tasks for you to do each day (in manageable 15 minute intervals) so that you actually can get your home and life inorder. There is much more to learn from her sight, including Hot Spots and something called the 27-Flig-Boogie, but you will just have to head over there to see for yourself!

I have been adding steps to my routine each day for the last week and our home already feels so much more peaceful and put together! I love waking up every morning to a clean kitchen and knowing exactly what I have to do to keep my house ready for someone to show up at my door at anytime! I also love that it is okay for me to only take 15 minutes to organize something and whatever doesn't get done in that time can be saved for another day! It is freeing! So check it out ladies and join me as we Fly into the new year together!

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Dana said...

I was following the FlyLady stuff...and then I got pregnant and lazy. I went from being psychotic and anal...to lazy and not wanting to do anything. Maybe I will start again...thanks for the reminder!!!