Friday, January 23, 2009

Tax Time Again- but I am still fluttering!

Well, that dreaded time of year is hear again- Tax Time! Ugh! It is one thing to have to do personal taxes, but it is WAY worse when you own a corporation (especially when it has been a slow year and you haven't exactly kept up on things the way you were supposed to... oops!). After a long, long week, however, I pretty much have everything done. A few more numbers to tally and things to input in the computer for our personal stuff and then it is in our trusted accountant's hands! Awwww... it will feel so nice to have that behind me.

With that said though, I can't help but speak the praise (once again) of the FlyLady! While I haven't done every little mission this week, I have managed to maintain a sense of order by keeping with the basic routines- I have yet to go to bed without a clean, empty sink; a load of laundry a day has kept that dreaded room surprisingly manageable; my bed has been made every morning and gives me a sense of satisfaction that I never expected; even our hotspots have remained fairly free of clutter! FlyLady allowed me to get through this week without COMPLETELY loosing my mind (only partially!).

Best of all I feel so much more organized heading into the new year. I know that by keeping with my routines and staying on top of the business this year, I won't be facing the same tax headaches I have been, next year. I even feel less stress about having a baby in the house again because I know the house will already be organized and in good working order and I can divide up my normal routines between the people helping me postpartum until I am able to resume them. What a load off!

So once again- Thank You FlyLady! And if you don't know who FlyLady is- find out now!

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