Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another little health update

Alright, I promise there is more fun stuff to come!  But, for those of you who are interested, I wanted to give you another little health update.  As it turns out, very late Sunday evening and again on Monday afternoon, I popped a few ribs out of place in my upper back right next to my spine from the horrible coughing I have been having associated with my walking pneumonia.  Actually, 4 of them to be exact.  Two of them seem to have slipped out over a period of days probably, while the other two literally popped out- I could hear them snap!  It has been some of the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced!  As I told my mom, I would rather give birth to Lion Cub again then go through this (notice I said Lion Cub's birth- NOT Rhythm's!!)!

I finally broke down and had my husband drive me to my chiropractor last night (who stayed open after hours for me) so that she could pop them back into place.  She said that in reality, my entire skeletal structure was pretty out of whack (which I knew, but dealt with) and gave me one of the harshest adjustments of my life! 

I am still in quite a bit of pain, but am hoping that it will relent soon.  My grandmother came over and picked me and the boys up today (since I am in too much pain to drive) and took us over to her house so she could help me take care of them and allow me to rest, which in all actuality, I haven't done much of through this whole sickness.  I have felt like I needed to just keep pushing through, truckin' along with my organizing and preparing for the start of our school year and essentially the entire reorganization of my life, but this whole rib thing has really side-lined me.  I can't even pick up Lion Cub.  I mean, he is a hefty little sucker, but even lifting up his booty up to change his diaper is an absolute killer.

I know there is a lesson in all of this- probably that I need start taking better care of myself and listening when my body is telling me to slow down and rest.  I'm not very good at that.  As my mom would say, this is a character building experience!

I would greatly appreciate your prayers, and like I said- happier posts are on the way!