Monday, August 2, 2010

A CSN review is on it's way!!!

I'm completely jazzed to announce that i have been chosen to be a Preferred Blogger (doesn't it sound so official?!) for CSN Stores!  And with my new status I have been offered a review (sweet!).

For those of you not familiar with CSN, they are an online network of more than 200 stores offering a huge variety of products!  Seriously everything from great toys and homeschool supplies, to furniture and cookware, and just about everything in between!

It is such an enormous task to narrow it down to what I really want to review since there are so many choices! I mean, I could go for a bedroom vanity or cool games and toys for homeschool this year.  What I really think it is going to come down to though, is either a bunk bed for the boys or a Bosch Mixer.  Whatever I do eventually decide on you can be sure that you will be the first ones to know!