Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So for those of you who haven't heard, on October 1 the makers of Sleepy Wrap released a brand new carrier for kiddos 15-45lbs and 1-4 years old called Boba (stands for Boulder Baby).  The Boba is a soft, structured carrier that can be worn on either front or back and has ingenious foot straps for toddler's feet to rest in, keeping their legs aligned at the proper 90 degree angle for maximum support.

We were generously sent a Boba to review and were so excited to try it since I had recently been looking into getting a more structured carrier.  Although Lion Cub is only 4 months old, he is already 16lbs and has very good head and back control, so carrier tailored more to a bigger child seemed to be becoming necessary if I was going to be able to keep wearing him.

So, what do I think?  Well, I first tried the carrier on with R-Man who is 3 1/2 and about 28 lbs.  I was thinking, "This is probably going to be really uncomfortable!" But I was pleasantly surprised to find that the carrier dispersed his weight across my back and shoulders very evenly, making me think that if I needed to, I really could carry him in the Boba.  Plus he LOVED it!  I believe his exact words were, "This is so cool mom!"

The next test was with Lion Cub!  I have primarily worn him on the front, since at this stage of the game that is the easiest, and I really can say that I like the Boba a lot!  We have worn it just about everywhere- the apple orchard, the store, breastfeeding group- you name it, we use it!  The straps are really well padded and pretty easy to adjust.  The bottom belt offers a generous amount of support to my back, which is especially important to me having scoliosis (it tends to get worse with the more children you lug around!).  The buckles are both very secure and the length of the back support for the child is nice and long to accommodate a long child (which Lion Cub is!).

What don't I like?  Well, sometimes the buckles seem a little too secure- the large, bottom buckle has a double latching system that can be a little tricky to unclasp when it is on your back.  Also, when wearing the baby on the front, the top clasp (that you hook behind your shoulder blades) can be a little hard to reach.  With that said, however, it hasn't detoured me from using it.

In fact, especially as Lion cub gets bigger and older and I am able to wear him on my back more, I am quite sure that Boba will be our go-to carrier!  It is so well designed with both baby and mama in mind that I think it is pretty hard to beat.  It is rare to find a company who puts as much research and development into making an all around wonderful product such as this, and the fact that it is 100% Organic and made in the US is just the icing on the cake!  Oh, and did I mention that it can easily be adjusted for moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas to all get in on the babywearing action?!  Gotta love that!

I can say with confidence that if I were looking into buying a carrier right now, Boba is the one I would get.  I think I would go so far as to challenge families to try it and not like, because once you use it you can't help but fall in love!  And hey, who doesn't like getting stopped in public and complimented on their beautiful carrier (as has happened to me!)?  The Boba just attracts that kind of attention!  :-)

So, have I convinced you?  Want to try one too?  Head on over to and use the code mamakenz for a 10% discount through November 11- you won't regret it!!


Julianne said...

Looks just like the Ergo carrier. I have one and LOVE it! This looks good too.

Terri said...

OK- I'm sold. If/when we have another baby I'll have to get a sleepy wrap and a boba. Bonus- my husband grew up in Boulder, Colorado.