Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fluff Mail!

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Well, Lion Cub is still growing like a weed so I had to purchase some size mediums!  I had a few from R-Man but a lot of them the elastic was shot and so forth, so buying a few more was really the best option right now. Plus, R-Man still wears his fab fitteds as a just-in-case during naps (which he rarely wets, but still) so now that they are in the same size (crazy right?) I just couldn't resist!

So I got 4 new Fuzzibunz Onesize (which I TOTALLY Love!!), 4 Thristies Fab Fitteds and 2 snap in soakers to go with my GroBaby!  Very exciting and helpful!

Have you received any fluff mail lately?  Link up!

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