Friday, March 26, 2010

LIVE BLOGGING- Remember Why to Revitalize Today w/ Lorrie Flem

For details about this LIVE BLOGGING event (The Inland Northwest Homeschool Conference), see this post!

Remember Why to Revitalize Today
w/ Lorrie Flem 

Wow- what another great session!  Lorrie Flem is such a wonderful picture of Jesus!  Her words are gentle, loving and poignant!  This workshop was mostly about the unexpected rewards of homeschooling- particularly the deep relationships you are able to grow with your children and the way you are able to disciple them on a daily basis.

She strongly emphasized bringing your children alongside you to teach them and not letting a curriculum dominate your homeschool.  The academics are important, but not the main focus of teaching your kids at home.  Lorrie pointed out again and again how Jesus taught.  He said, "follow me."  He wanted his disciples to learn by the way he lived, to learn alongside him, day in and day out.  What a perfect example of how we are to teach our children!

Lorrie emphasized that as a homeschooling mother, my children, my home and my husband are my job.  Much more than that, they are worth my time it takes to bring them alongside me.  Even if it may seem like it is frustrating and time consuming, that longer amount of time is the time it is supposed to take because this is the way the Lord has for me to teach my kids!  What a fresh perspective!  When you reset your mind to think through those lenses it makes the day's tasks seem much more manageable and joyful!

I am really looking forward to the other workshops Lorrie has to offer throughout the conference!

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