Friday, March 12, 2010

Sick is the word!

Okay, seriously!  This is ridiculous!  In the past two weeks we have had:
  • our first visit to minor emergency for an injury (Lion Cub banging his face resulting in copious amounts of blood from impacted teeth and a busted frenulum- ya know that piece of skin between your upper lip and front teeth!?  Erg- a squirm just thinking about it!), 
  • our first visit to the doctor for an illness with the kids (R-Man had croop), 
  • our first visit to the ER (from 2:00am- 5:00am last Friday- Lion Cub had been screaming for hours and ended up having a double ear infection), 
  • our second visit to the doctor for an illness (horrible fevers for both boys and R-Man got the double ear infection as well!), 
  • my husband's first ear infection (and plugged ear) of his life, 
  • our third visit to the doctor for an illness (Lion Cub's ear infection was not improving and his cough was becoming worse), 
  • and one of our children receiving a shot for the first time (antibiotics for Lion Cub since the first round have apparently not been working and he sprays them all over us when we try to give them to him!).  
(pant, pant, pant)

Oh, and I am sick as well, but that is nothing new!

Needless to say, I have had my hands a little full!  Every now and again, between screams, whines, snot and cold baths, I have shot a longing glance at my computer, wishing I could escape the madness and fully enter my virtual life, but clearly that is not a viable option. 

I'm a mom.  

At one point Lion Cub upchucked his last meal (just breastmilk) all over him and myself and I managed to get him stripped down but hadn't changed myself- it was honestly the last thing on my mind (see related post here).  When R-Man spotted the drying spot he asked what it was, and after I told him, this is what he said, "Well, maybe you should just get something like a rag to clean that off."

Thank you son, I'll get right on that.

But honestly, with the current state of our family, really, what's the point?

So yeah, that is why I haven't been around.  But I'm coming back!  In our sickness I have managed to get some really great reading done and watched a Charlotte Mason seminar on DVD that was absolutely fantastic and I will definitely be sharing about that with you all!  It just might take a couple of days! 

But I love you all- and miss you!  Desperately!

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