Friday, March 26, 2010

LIVE BLOGGING- Welcome to the Zoo w/Lorrie Flem

For details about this LIVE BLOGGING event (The Inland Northwest Homeschool Conference), see this post!

Welcome to the Zoo
multi-level homeschooling made easy
w/ Lorrie Flem 

What a fantastic kick off to the conference- complete with a few comical mix-ups to keep things interesting!  To begin with, there were some problems getting Lorrie’s powerpoint to work, which they eventually did get resolved!  Then she actually began her diligence seminar (which sounds great!), but none the less, the wrong one!  Too funny- what great character she has!  She simply laughed at herself, picked up the right set of notes and began again!  Then, someone turned all the lights off!  Once again, she was incredibly good humored!

All that aside, what a great seminar!  Lorrie covered, from the broad to the specific, ways that you can easily eliminate stress from your homeschooling day while teaching many children at different levels.

The two major things that Lorrie focused on were Obedience and Responsibility, noting that if you have done a thorough job of teaching obedience before the age of 7, then from that age on you can better teach responsibility and a love to obey.  These are the most important ways to teach your children and in turn help yourself!

I had heard something similar before, but Lorrie hit on the four principles that George Washington’s mother taught him to help him obey:
  • Completely
  • Respectfully
  • Immediately
  • Joyfully
Aren’t those telling?  I know that isn’t how obedience looks in my house a lot of the time!  What great tools to keep in mind (I feel a craft project coming on... these words need to be displayed prominently in my home!)!

I think one of the biggest things Lorrie said that stuck with me is that often times things we are having to work on in our children are things the Lord is actually working on in us!  How true is that?!!  She said that, possibly, if you are dealing with obedience issues in one of your children, you are actually having trouble obeying the Lord as well.  The same goes for dawdling and a whole host of other issues!

I love Lorrie’s spirit, attitude and fresh perspective and am very much looking forward to the upcoming sessions she is teaching!  Until then...
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1 comment:

Lorrie said...

Hello! I feel better just reading your post. Isn't it wonderful that the Lord can use us to encourage each other?

Thanks for your sweet words. I will take them as an encouragement and carry them with me to use for a boost when I need one - probably within the next 5 minutes! :)