Friday, January 14, 2011

Nutty Twister Bread!

I got a little adventurous last weekend and gave Marmee's Nutty Twister Bread from The Bread Basket Cookbook a whirl. Oh my!  Love!  I made two loaves- one according to the recipe with coconut, brown sugar, butter, walnuts and cinnamon rolled on the inside, and one with just cinnamon, sugar and butter.

My only regret was not making MORE!!  They were sooooo good!!  Our eyes bugged out when we saw how huge they proofed and they were just so darn pretty all braided like that!  It is so easy yet looks so difficult & impressive.  I found this easy technique to be well spelled-out in The Bread Basket Cookbook, and even better in Marmee's Make it Special DVD.

Another great thing I love about the braided technique you can do so much with it.  You might remember this parmesan and garlic braided bread I made a few months ago.  You can put practically anything in one of these braids!  Wouldn't you love to take them to a potluck or other gathering?  Come on, you couldn't help but love the ooo's and awww's at your beautiful bread!

Smothered in butter- divine!
And, of course, none of this would have been possible had it not been for my delightful BOSCH Universal Plus Mixer from Marmee's Bread Market!  Ok, so maybe it would have been possible but it sure wouldn't have been easy and I probably would have never made it- plain and simple!

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