Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cars TotSchool

Tot School

Just in the last week or so Roman has been soaking things up like a sponge and seems to all of the sudden be interested in learning his colors, numbers, shapes and letters. In an effort to foster this new interest, I have been trying to do more TotSchool activities. We made this Cars Totbook a month ago but it is just now that he has fallen in love with it! He keeps telling Jer and I, "I show you! Cars!" He loves pulling out all the number cards and looking at the letters of his name!
He has been counting numbers all by himself and even has about the first four letters of the ABC song down! He tends to think that EVERY color is Blue, but hey, we're working on it! I am just glad to see that he is interested!

Dad even got in on the action and read to Roman this week. Roman loves reading, but I think it is extra special when dad is the one with the book!
I am now in the process of figuring out our fall TotSchool curriculum. I am hoping to do a sort of walk through the Old Testament with some main stories and end up at the New Testament by Christmas. His Easter Lapbook was a big hit this year so I think we are off to a good start. This week we will be doing the Ratatouille book off the TotSchool site, however, as we finish out the summer. If any of you need great ideas for teaching tots, you MUST go to the TotSchool site! Carissa is brilliant when it comes to teaching tots!


Carisa said...

Hi, thanks for the kind email and the suggestions. And also for the kind words about me in your blog entry!!

I love Roman's Tot Book!!! I love even more how much he seems to love it...that's what I was hoping would happen for other kids too! I 'm adding your links to my site right after this!!

God Bless,

Mountain Morning said...

Oh, I love his little lapbook! I'm going to go check out TotSchool...neat! I homeschool my kids, too. What a blessing!

Love your blog!