Monday, August 4, 2008

Just one of those days!

Actually- I think I should start with last night. You see we went out to the Coeur d'Alene Street fair yesterday afternoon with Jer's parent's (where my parents also had a booth for their business- Labor of Love Creations). It was lots of fun to look at all of the booths (both good and bad) and of course to eat the food that can only be found at such events! My favorite was the chicken artichoke crepe with basil cream sauce- can you say YUM?!?! Anyway, when we got home, Roman insisted on washing his feet off before he went to bed, so I thought it would be fun to let him use my foot bath- compete with jets, Epsom salts, and Lavender Essential Oils. He loved it and what started out as a foot bath quickly became a full body endeavor! As he puts it "Mama, I washin' my hairs!" How can you resist that?!

Now onto today- aww yes, today! Well, to begin with- check out Roman's faux-hawk! Isn't it adorable?! I couldn't resist! Anyway, the day started off with lots of phone calls and general craziness and quickly became ridiculous as I ran my errands. First, at the bank drive through, I dropped the little container that you send your checks through with, which of course rolled under the car! So in front of rows packed full of cars I had to get out and crawl under my car to retrieve it! Just a little embarrassing, to say the least!

Next we went to JoAnn Fabrics to pick up a few supplies to make Roman some Ditto Daddy training pants (really cool training pants that look like boxers or boxer briefs- you can buy them pre-made or just the pattern- check them out here). With Roman's help we found some Cars fabrics to add to the stash of fabrics we had already picked out for his trainers. I am hoping that the combination of having underpants like daddy's, PLUS having his favorite characters on them will give him the motivation to make the final push into using the potty full-time! Just to reinforce our need to get the potty-training taken care of, Roman peed as soon as we got to the parking lot and of course his diaper decided to repel that pee and send it flooding down his leg and into his new shoes (which Grammy got him yesterday, by the way, and he loves! Check out the guitar and Lightning McQueen!)! As Roman calmly explained "Peepee mama. Keen up," I tried to use the wet wipes, I luckily hand in my bag, to the best of my ability so we could try to complete our errands before returning home.

Eventually we were able to relatively quickly get through the grocery store and go home. I gave Roman some lunch and tried to get some much needed work done on the computer while he was eating. I should have known by the intermittent sloshing sounds and otherwise silence that something less than wonderful was happening. Wouldn't you know it? Roman decided to wash those hairs again AND "wipe" down everything else is sight, with yogurt of all things! After a short but thorough bath I got him down for his nap and tried to knit as fast as I could to complete the hat for our friend's daughter's birthday party that we attended tonight, which of course I was not able to finish! But hey- I made a noble attempt and one woman can only do so much!!! When it came right down to it, I just didn't think that I could really finish off my day without letting all my friends out in the blogosphere share in my craziness and maybe even relate to it! Ever had a day such as this? If you have kids, I have no doubt!

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