Thursday, August 7, 2008

Things I love!

Tonight I thought I would blog about some things I love!

First of all, I love my long lost friend Brooke, who I recently reconnected with (via Facebook of all crazy things) and who brought me a wonderful bounty from her parent's garden on Monday before she moved back to Michigan (sad :( ). Tonight we ate the green beans in a teriyaki/garlic/chili sauce and we had some of the zucchini and yellow squash in a teriyaki/sesame sauce over sticky rice! It was delicious! So thank you Brooke! You can all check out her cute blog @ This Ship Will Never Sink.

Next thing I love- beautiful fabric!! I just received my Pink by Post newsletter from Pick Chalk Fabrics and I want practically all of the new fabrics so badly! I can just picture a beautiful and trendy quilt, or an awesome table cloth, or even some beyond cute diapers (if I had a little girl!). The My Folklore fabrics and Mendocino are especially stunning- in my opinion! Anyway- I will try not to let myself get carried away, but man- I just love 'em!

Next thing I love- free movies!! Roman and I had a little mother-son date this morning at the Garland Theater for a free kid's showing of the Veggie Tales Movie- The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. It was very cute- entertaining even for adults, and Roman LOVED it! He was so cute- totally absorbed! It was the first movie he has gone to in the theater that he has actually sat through and watched! I have heard a rumor that Horton Hears A Who will be playing in a couple of weeks, so hopefully we will be able to catch that one too!

Okay, another thing I love- the Library Summer Reading Program! It has really lit a fire under my butt to read more with Roman! I signed him up online and, as I have heard, once you complete 15 books or 15 hours of reading you get a prize that includes a pass to Mobius and a free book- both of which Roman would adore! Wish us luck as we aim for 1 hour a day of reading! I think I am going to drop by the library tomorrow for a fresh stack of books to keep both of us interested (although I am sure Roman would be perfectly content with reading Thomas and the Great Race and Millie's Secret over, and over, and over- I don't think I could keep my sanity!).

Alright, one more thing I love- The Word of Promise audio Bible! It is a dramatization of the word (but doesn not stray from the actual NKJV text) and is read by amazing actors, including Jim Caviezel and Jesus, Kimberly Williams-Paisly as Mary Mother of Jesus, Richard Dreyfus as Moses, and MANY more! It is so wonderful to have on in the house during the day- just being surrounded by the word instead of having the TV on as background noise. It is currently only available in the New Testament, but they are working on the Old Testament and it is very reasonably priced! I encourage you all to look into investing in a copy for your family!

Well, those are just some of the things I love! I would love to hear about some of the things that you love too! Leave a comment- or better yet, write a post and then leave a comment with your blog address in your comment! I look forward to hearing about the goodies you have to share!


Terri-Ann said...

I signed up my son for a summer reading program at the read and report (answer a question) about books you borrow from the library. Problem is, every time we go Colin only wants to take out the same book every time (Thomas gets a branch line - boys and their trains, eh!) So we've read a grand total of 1 book (from the library - many many more from our stacks at home)

Did you have much success with the homekeeper challenge? I kept up for a few months, but had difficulty trying to track some of the others who signed up.


the Young family said...

Thanks for this post- I love the Pink Chalk website. Did you know about Top Stitch on Garland that carries Amy Butler fabrics and patterns? Check it out.
Here's my favorite website for crafty things:
It has really cute ideas- I love it.
I am really am going to have you help me knit a cutie hat someday, Mackenzie! ;-)