Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Baby in the Belly!

That is the endearing term Roman typically uses to refer to his little brother or sister on the way (he also calls it "the brother or sister" and even knows the names we have picked out!). It has been quite a while since I have mentioned much about the pregnancy, so I thought it was about time that I did!Currently I am 26 weeks, due May 25 (memorial day). With that said, I am not at all planning on actually going into labor on that date! In fact, I am planning on going to our family's lake cabin, just so I don't get my hopes up for the baby! I'm thinking somewhere around the 28th or 29th (which is my grandma's birthday and she would be utterly thrilled about!).

I am still shocked by just how different this pregnancy is than my last! I am carrying this baby so low (I feel like my belly is hanging between my knees!) and I am have been having quite a bit of hip pain (rather than the upper back pain like I had with Roman). Everything just feels different and my brain is already fuzzy and forgetful! The baby is especially active in the mid-afternoon and very late at night (like 12:00-2:00 am)- I am preparing for many long nights!

We had an ultrasound at the beginning of January to check and make sure everything looks good (since my brother has spinabifida)- I knew I wouldn't feel comfortable progressing with a homebirth if we hadn't ruled out birth defects. As it turns out, the baby is practically perfect in every way, and no, we did not find out the gender! We still have fun looking at the photos and DVD to debate that question though! Check a few of the pics out:
I love how the baby looks like it is smiling in this picture! That bubble above it's face is a cross-view of the umbilical cord.

Yes- this is one flexible child! That is a leg!

We think this picture is both a little freaky and funny! The baby was so active, moving around, opening and closing it's mouth- the ultrasound tech could hardly keep up!

Everything is beginning to come together for the homebirth. We ended up switching to a different midwife who we absolutely love (we really liked the last one too, she just has a lot on her plate right now)! Our new midwife, Dana Combest LM, CPM, is wonderful! She comes to our house for all the appointments and is so caring- she is everything you could want or expect in a midwife. We like her more each time we see her, and the more we find out about her birth philosphy the more we know she is the right choice. She is very hands off and will encourage us to deliver the baby ourselves (which Jer is very jazzed about- he REALLY wants to catch!).

Other than our midwife we will also have our two awesome doulas (both of whom were at Roman's birth) and two close friends to help with Roman (who we at least want in the room for the actual delivery- we think it will help with the mental transition of having a sibling if he actually sees where it came from) and what not. I plan on delivering in our bedroom, most likely in the birth tub that we will have set up- I couldn't think of a more perfect and cocoon-like environment to give birth to this baby! I also couldn't be more excited about this birth (which I never thought I would say) and really think it is going to be a wonderful experience for everyone!

So that is about all so far! I will try to be better about posting on the babe! Also, if any of you have any questions about homebirth or any of the rest, please don't hesitate to leave them! I won't be offended and would love to share more about it with you! More to come!


Alicia said...

Hey CookAMH here. You look great! Ryan hopes to catch our baby, like your husband does yours.

See you back on MDC!! Thanks for the comment on my blog and great to know you are a believer too. It's nice to find each other in the natural living realm! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there :-)

I don't think I've ever commented before, but I've been following you on the blog for quite some time (probably over a year).

I found you through Chic and Savvy Mamas, emailed you a couple times, etc. Name's Rachel.

I just felt the need to give you yet another one of those silly comments people make to you when you're pregnant:

My birthday is May 26th, so while you don't even know me, it'd be cool if that was baby's birthday! ;-)

But yeah, your grandmother's birthday is much better.
We thought my daughter might do that... but she just went and stayed in there right on past my grandmother's birthday... but finally decided to come out and meet us 3 days before my mother in law's birthday.
I suppose having your own birthday is a good thing after all....

Go you for the home birth. I'm guessing you had Roman in the hospital?
I just did a home water birth in June, very hands off and all, I caught my daughter myself, kinda surprised everyone when she just popped out. Her birth was SO awesome! I was so psyched by the thing, I was ready to do it again within a week!
You're going to love it :-D

Anonymous said...

Hi! :)
You look fantastic! My little one is very nocturnal too when it comes to movement, but super quiet the rest of the time.
That ultrasound pic with the leg is amazing! We've opted out of u/s so far, but it's been a lot more difficult for me to bear the suspense this time. :)
Is it more difficult to hold out on knowing the baby's gender when you get an u/s?
Congratulations! Glad things are going so smoothly for you!

Anonymous said...

Yey...you finally have a big baby bump. So cute. And yey for homebirths!!! Is Jen going to be your doula?