Friday, February 6, 2009

Knitting Fool!!

Well, all the spare time that I could have spent blogging lately has been devoted to my recent knitting projects- and there are a lot of them! I think I have been teasing a few of my readers on Facebook for a while now about these knits, so I thought it was about time I started posting! So, here is what I have complete:

A pair of "Just in Case it's a Girl"Newborn-size Perfection Pants longies- hey, I couldn't help myself! This yarn colorway was just irresistible! I plan on knitting a lacy hat and puff painting a shirt with the first letter of the name we have picked out so that the whole outfit can be used that first day for pictures, but that will come in time. And yes, I do intend to make a boy version of the outfit as well!

A Size-Small Curly Purly Soaker in wool I got from (sorry I can't remember the name). I prefer the rise folded over and if I make the pattern again will probably shorten it throughout the body. All in all, I am happy with it though!

A dishcloth from the Monthly Dishcloth KAL Blog. This particular one is the mid-month cloth for January. I am going to attempt to make all the cloths for the year (24 in total) as I think it will be a fun challenge, plus we could use the cloths! (Sorry the pic is a little dark- I had to take off the flash to pick up all the detail)

Now, as for what is on the needles! I am working on a earflap hat for my father-in-law's birthday (which is today but we won't be celebrating until Sunday- luckily, since it isn't quite finished yet). He has been begging me for one of these hats since we saw them at a street fair last August and was so dissapointed that he didn't get one for Christmas! Since money is tight and he wants it so badly, I figured his birthday would be the perfect opporunity to make one for him! I created the pattern myself, so needless to say, there has been a lot of ripping out and reknitting! But I thinkit is finallys tarting to take shape and I will hopefully have it done in time!

I am also working on completing a couple other soakers for the babe, an adorable stuffed animal for a friend's daughter's birthday (next weekend, sheesh! What's with February and the birthdays?!), the current dishcloth for the Monthly Dishcloth KAL blog (plus the one for the beginning fo January), and a couple other adorable projects I found on Ravelry that aren't quite started yet but hopefully will be soon! Phew... that's exhausting just writing it all- my fingers need to get flying on the needles!

In other knitting news, I have also managed to get my page up and rolling on an awesome Beta site for those in the fiber-arts! So, if you are on there, check out my page (I am ChicMama) and link up as a friend! I would love to knit with you!


LannaM said...

Oh, those woolies are just darling! Almost makes me want to crochet up something for my girl, but I don't know when I'd be able to...

Cottage Mommy said...

Hello...I clicked over to your blog from Tales of a Crafty Mama. You sound like you live in Spokane? I do too and am also expecting a baby in May. Your blog is darling and I am amazed at all you do! It is always nice to "meet" others in my area with similar interests on blogs!