Thursday, February 26, 2009

Third Trimester- Holy Cow!

The delusion of having lots of time left until this baby comes, quickly came to an end when I realized on Monday that I had officially entered my 3rd trimester! 27 weeks! How did this happen so fast?! All the things I have left to do, the cleaning, reorganizing, business junk preparing, knitting, birthplan writing, announcement making, meal freezing, and more, suddenly took on new urgency! I know I will get it all done, I just need to get on it and make a plan!

On a lighter note, my chiropractic care seems to really be helping my hip pain and discomfort, and despite my nagging fear that this kid had turned posterior, he or she is anterior, as of now. Although, I am convinced that for a week or so the babe was turned posterior, it isn't now, so hopefully it will maintain this anterior position. I am so determined to keep this kid anterior that I have been watching TV at night kneeling on the floor and leaning down over the back of Roman's mini-couch so that my belly is as hammock-like as possible!

Another thing that I thought I was avoiding, but seems to have snuck back for the end of this pregnancy, is the upper back and rib pain that I experienced with Roman. Heat and laying on my side seem to be helping, so I am managing to keep the discomfort tolerable. I have kept pretty busy this week as well which has been a good distraction from the aches and pains.

All in all, I feel good. The baby is very active and I love the kind of care my midwife gives me. I am looking forward to May, but I am also glad that my due date is not next week! I am going to need every last day I have to feel ready for this little addition- as much as I am looking forward to his or her arrival!

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Heather B said...

I wish I could see a chiropractor! My sciatic nerve is pinched and killing me! By the end of the night I can barely walk across the room. I'm ready for him to arrive so I can get back to being pain free!