Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blog Focus and Buttons!

Lately I have been wanting to better define the direction of my blog. With more clearly followed themes that I regularly write on I thought it would be more interesting for my readers. So, I have been busy figuring out just what it is I want this blog to be about, and the truth is... there are a lot of things! Doesn't sound very focused does it? Well, in order to focus on a few different topics I have decided to incorporate more memes into Mama Kenz Studio. The memes I have decided to participate in will focus on (as of right now): Tot School, Knitting, and life as a Christian Homemaker. Some memes will come from other blogs (such as Tot School), and others I will host right here on my blog.

I also plan to continue writing about our life- especially regarding my pregnancy and birth, but am not sure that that really fits into a meme. Once this babe comes I plan on incorporating lots about our adventures in cloth diapering and definitely about breastfeeding (which I have a very fun meme planned for, so if you are or are about to be a breastfeeding mama keep your eyes open for it!).

The first meme I am going to introduce and host on Mama Kenz Studio will be:

Knit Bits Meme

This meme will be about all things knitting, yarn, wool and fiber, and I can't wait to see what my readers have to contribute to it! Each week (to every other week) I will make a post with this meme for people to participate in. It may be something as simple as "What's on Your Needles" or something more complex, such as a challenge to create and share a custom pattern or skill. I think it should be fun and a great way to get inspired by other knitters! Look for my first Knit Bits Meme post within the next couple of days!

Also, you may have noticed that I finally posted a button with code for my blog! It took some time but I finally found the directions and figured it out! (Here is the basic route I followed) The buttons still need a bit of tweeking, but they are better than nothing, and if you enjoy my blog I would love for you to post one on your blog! Let me know if you do and I will definitely stop by to visit! You can also grab a button for the Knit Bits Meme if you plan to join in the fun!

That's all for now, but keep watching because there is more to come!

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Heather B said...

I love this idea!!! I would like to be more focused too! I don't knit though so I'll have to participate in one of your other memes. Great idea!