Wednesday, April 1, 2009

32 Weeks- This baby is coming next month!

Wow, so yeah, as of today I can officially say that this baby is supposed to be here next month!! And check out the belly!Yeah- it get's bigger all the time! In fact I was just mentioning on Facebook today that my bladder is currently so squashed that I can't even make it through a nap without having to get up and pee! Crazy!

I feel good though and am still incredibly thankful that I am seeing such a wonderful chiropractor- she makes all the difference in my life! I had a bit of a nesting frenzy the other day that lead me to hardly be able to walk by the end of the day- luckly I saw Dr. Michelle the next morning and am now feeling totally back to normal! However, despite the achiness that ensued, I am still very glad that I took advantage of my drive to nest that day! Last week at my prenatal my midwife asked me if I had started to prepare everything for the birth and I was like, "I have two more months, don't I?!" I had vowed to myslef that I wouldn't start getting things until April so that I would help not make myself too anxious for the birth. I did start to buy some supplies this last weekend though and look at what I accomplished on that day of nesting at home:

Somehow, over the last month or so things had just accumulated in our front room and sort of took over! Not anymore! This room is now almost completely birth-ready! We plan to put the futon down so that Roman can nap and be put to bed at night in this room during the birth if need be. I will also use the futon postpartum for napping and resting with the baby since our bedroom is in the basement and my midwife only wants me going up and down the stairs once a day for the first few weeks. In addition to this little arrangement I plan to be getting as much help from family and friends as possible in those first 2-3 weeks after the little one arrives!

Any more, this is the state you can mostly find me in:

I have been amazed by just how quickly I get worn out these days- much more than I felt with Roman's pregnancy! The last two days I have had outings in the morning- meetings with clients, appointments, presentations at moms groups- and by the time I have gotten home in the early afternoon I can hardly keep my eyes open! Good thing Roman is a good napper and likes to snuggle me for a little afternoon snooze so we can both make it through the rest of the day refreshed and a little less moody!

Lastly, here are a couple of funny shots that I thought were amusing! The first one is of me making dinner- nothing fabulous. The funny part is that Roman took it after he figured out how to turn on the camera and everything. He also got ahold of my iPhone and managed to not only turn it on and use the slide bar to get to the main screen, but also get to the "rearrange" mode and move my icons all over the place! As if I'm not confused enough these days! It was pretty commical!

This next pic is of my lovely husband at the store last week! I couldn't help but snap this photo as he pulled the whole bulk foods container off the shelf and jimmy-rigged it open so he could poor back some of the granola he had just dumped into his bag- apparently a little too much! At the time it was very funny- especially when the girl who worked in the department walked by laughing (seeing me take a pic) and trying to say without completely cracking up, "Are you finding everything okay?" To which my reply was, of course, "Oh, I think we are finding more than enough! Thanks!" Good times, good times!
Just 8 more weeks and you will be seeing pics of my new babe, but for today I will leave you with some birth tid-bits to chew on- check out my friend's blog (who is also a fellow doula) for some very interesting info on our country's rising Ceserean rates, writing a good birth plan and more!


Terri said...

Aw Mackenzie- great post! You look great. And thanks for the plug!!

Montana Mama said...

Yeah, about the C-section rates... I was astounded when I watched "The Business of Being Born"! It's disgusting to me how much people think of birth as a condition that needs to be medicated or medically intervened!

Glad to see that you're still doing well. :)

AndiMae said...

Awww! Such cute pictures of you and your little belly :) Hope I get to see you again at least once before the baby gets here!