Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just 32 days left... or so!

Wow- where did a week go?! Sheesh! Well, between being excessively tired and going a little nesting-crazy, I guess time just slipped away from me! My apologies!

So, since I last wrote about The Belly, I had my baby shower! It was small this time- my first was very large, so we just decided to have good friends and family this time around- more of a blessing for the baby and birth than anything. Along with all of the well-wishes and much appreciated prayers, we received many lovely gifts. One of my personal favorites (and trust me, it's hard to choose), were these small wool longies that a friend custom knit for us! There are simply BEAUTIFUL!! I am sure I will be posting lots of action shots once baby is born and using these all the time!
I also am in love with our new dresser/changing table from my in-laws! I have been wanting a dresser in our bedroom for quite some time now, along with a nice place to change baby downstairs and lay everything out for the birth on- well, now we have one! Yeah!!! Slowly our room (that my husband finished in our basement a year ago) is getting furnished and decorated! Little by little it is feeling more homey!

Another gift I LOVE is this 100% natural rubber giraffe named Sophie by Vulli toys! They use only food grade dyes to make her and she even gives a little squeak! Most of the toys we had for Roman when he was little were plastic, since I didn't know any better, so I really wanted to give this babe some better options to play with! This giraffe fits the bill- I am so glad and thankful that my trusty, natural mama friend (and doula) got it for us!

Here are a few more pics from the day:

Me- scarffing chocolate chip icecream cake from Baskin Robbins- my FAVORITE! The top of it said "Here comes Trouble!"- oh so true!

Here I am with my grandma (dad's mom) and my mom (who was the main shower-thrower, along with my grandma on her side and my aunt). The grandma is this picture adamately states that I am having a girl this time because of the way I am carrying! She was just as adamate that Roman was a boy, so I am hoping she is right!

In addition, I am happy to report that the Summer of Baby Love review/giveaway lineup is almost full!! It is going to be a great summer with so many great natural and attachment parenting products to feature, including a lovely selection of diapers, mama cloth, baby carriers, nursing pads and more! I am so excited to share all these wonderful products, and their creators with all of you- you are going to love them!

In fact, I have had such a great response so far to the Summer of Baby Love Party, it looks like we will probably be continuing into the Fall, so be sure that if you know of a product you would like to see featured or have/make a product yourself that you would like to get in on some blog party lovin'- let me know! The fall is currently completely open and I still have a couple of spots for summer, so get your info into me while there is still time!


Homemade Mom said...

You look great! I can't believe you only have one month to go! I'm not due until July 6th and I'm pretty sure I'm bigger than you! I'm HUGE! I'm so ready to be free of this back/hip pain and see my little man's face. Looks like you had a great shower!

BarbaraMG said...

I have been lurking around your blog for a bit now so here I am letting you know I am here!

First, congratulations on your pregnancy. My nana told me my second was a girl. She was making everything in pink from the day I told her I was pregnant. I kept asking her what I was going to do with all the dresses and girl stuff if I had boy. She simply stated that it wasn't a boy, it was a girl. She was right!

I have a question about your dryer balls. After they are put thorough the wash then the dryer do I remove the nylon or do I just start wrapping around it with more wool?

Again, congrats. I love the giraffe. If I knew then what I know now about all the junk out there in baby things I would do a lot of things differently.