Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another Awesome Giveaway!

The Cloth Diaper Whisperer

Alright, so Kelly's Closet is giving away another amazing prize package over at The Cloth Diaper Whisperer! Check it out:

1-Northern Essence Better Butter Cream
1-Northern Essence Whipped Baby Lotion
1-Northern Essence Foaming Wipes Solution
1-GroBaby One Size Diaper System

First of all- I am so stinking intrigued with those Gro-Baby diapers and want to try one out desperately! I put in for every Gro-baby contest I can find! Second- I have heard such wonderful things about the Northern Essence line of products and even registered for the foaming wipes solution (to try to make things a little easier in those early weeks with a new babe before I start making my own)!

This prize was made for me! If level of want factored into the giveaway somehow- I would win by a landslide! In fact, I even debated about posting this awesome giveaway on here because what am I doing other than drumming up more competition for myself?! But, my yearning for another entry drove me to do it! So there ya go... go on... go enter... slim my chances down and tell me all about it when you win... :-)

1 comment:

Montana Mama said...

I really hope you win! I have the Northern Essence Diaper Rash Salve and I LOVE it! And if you try the GroBaby, you should let me know what YOU think... I wasn't such a big fan... Anyhow, Good luck!