Friday, May 15, 2009

A Meme for Chic' Cheeks!

If you cloth diaper your babe than I have no doubt that you are probably as addicted to the whole experience as I am! Cloth diapering is not just a way of taking care of your babe's bathroom needs- it's a culture! With trends, styles and flat out addictions there are few (if any) baby products I love and adore more! And so, Mama Kenz Studio's final meme being introduced this week is all about what we put on our little one's bums!

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Join me in sharing our favorite (and least favorite) diapers, the trials and tribulations we encounter, the latest tips and tricks, and where to go for the best deals and contests, among other things I'm sure! Just post a direct link to your Chic Cheeks post in the Mr. Linky and take part in the wonderful cloth madness! Oh, and make sure that you post the Chic Cheeks button (code in left sidebar) on your post if you would like to be included! Happy Diapering!

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