Saturday, April 3, 2010

iPad therefore I am!

Well, today is the day- iPad is officially on the market!  And I want one so badly I can taste it!  I honestly think that this little piece of futuristic technology could revolutionize my life!  No, seriously!  Ever since Lion Cub sucked on the end of my iPhone and left half the screen unresponsive, life just hasn't been the same!  The iPad could make up for what I have been lacking, and more! 

I mean have you looked at the specs on this thing?!  Not only is it only 1/2" thick and 9.7" high, it has a high-res LED-backlit display and the most advanced multi-touch technology!  Just like for the iPhone, there are thousands of apps that have just been waiting for today to make their big entrance onto the market.  Plus, Apple is releasing a brand new app called iBook which turns the iPad into the most amazing book reader available (among other things, it is in color, unlike the Kindle).

As far as e-mail and web-surfing go, there is nothing like it even in existence!  The iPad, essentially, let's you hold the internet in your hands, like a book, making it tangible for the first time! 

It's portability and versatility could make my life as a mom and a blogger so much more streamlined and help me get way more done in a day!  I would be able to work anywhere and almost anytime.  Yes, folks- I am in love with iPad!  And I haven't even seen one yet!  I may just have to run over to Best Buy later on today to get a little hands on action for the first time.  Then again, I would just be teasing myself since there is no way that I can buy one.  :-(

Now, this is where all my regular mom readers can check out, because I would never expect anything from you!  However, if there happen to be any business people reading this post right now who would like a little solid advertising in the blogosphere- I'm your girl!  If you sponsored my blog with a new iPad, I would feature your advertising on the top right corner of all four of my blogs (including the one I am revealing next week), plus do numerous posts about your company, and add your logo to my business cards with the caption "sponsored by."  In addition, depending on your product, I am sure I could find more ways to drive people to your site- I am one creative chica!

So, that's it!  If you happen to be interested in sponsorship, you can quickly get in touch with me at  
chic_kenz (@) yahoo (.) com
I look forward to hearing from you soon and thank you so much for your consideration!

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Carrie said...

I didn't want one before, but you made it sound irresistible. As I was reading your post, I turned to my hubby and said "I want one." I hadn't thought of using it for my blogging!