Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My last day being 25!

Yes, 25 was a big age for me.  I had waited to turn 25 for a long time.  For me it was a turning point- like I was a legitimate adult- despite the fact that I had been married for 5 1/2 years, had a mortgage for the same length of time and almost 2 children- it just felt big.

I have always been the young one in our group of friends and have always felt that people don't take me seriously because I can easily be mistaken for a college student.  Once I turned 25 I felt like a large part of that was behind me.  The later half of my 20s looked full of hope- finally a bon-a-fide grown-up but I could still wag my tongue at my friends who were on the cusp of (or well into) their 30s (wait, what was that I said about being grown up?)!

And now it is nearly over- tomorrow I will be 26.  I shouldn't lament it.  Nothing particularly crazy happened.  Ok, well I had a baby, and in no way do I want to diminish that or him, but you moms know what I mean.  The past year wasn't marked by wild adventure, travel or spectacular accomplishments (other than an amazing, 15-day-late, 4 hour, homebirth of my little Lion Cub).  I spent most of 25 (which I am aware was actually my 26th year) changing diapers, wiping tears and cleaning up messes.

Does that sadden me?  Am I looking to greener pastures?  Not at all!  I am happy with what I have done, even if it has been mundane or, well, regular at times.  I feel that I have grown and matured as person enormously.  My walk with the Lord has become so much stronger and I love my little family.  However, there was a moment last week that the thought of being 25 coming to an end sent me in to a sudden panic.

I am never going to be 25 again.


I have waited so long for this milestone- what have I got to look forward to now?!  My mother kindly pointed out that 30 will be another big one, and 40, and 50 (which she is turning this year!  Haha!  Yeah- your welcome Mom!), it just won't be 25 though.  I'm going to be fine.  26 is sure to be even better, it was just a little shocking to realize that 25 will soon be no more.

So, what am I hoping for to kick off this next year of my life?  Birthday presents of course!  Oh, come on, don't say you don't hope to be a little pampered for your birthday!  Most of the things on my list I have no actual hope of receiving, but a girl can dream, right?!  And what better place to dream than on my blog!?  So, here is my list, in no particular order!

  • A morning to myself.  I would love to wake up (when I want to), shower (by myself with no baby crawling on my feet), put on something cute (since I will be receiving a few particularly lovely new pieces for my wardrobe from Ann Taylor Loft from my Grandma and Mom)- gather up my Bible (and maybe a couple of other good reads that are currently on my shelf) and head for my favorite bagel shop which happens to be right next to a Starbucks.  I would love to not have to look at my watch and just get lost in my reading and coffee.  Someday maybe...

  • An iPad!  Haha- ok, I KNOW this one won't be happening.  But in all honesty, I actually don't want one until they come out with the next version since it is sure to be better and probably cheaper.  I do want one eventually though!

  • A good bra!  It is just plain sad that this is on my birthday list, but seriously, I haven't purchased a new nursing bra since R-Man was born and the one I have just plain old doesn't fit!  I think that the Bliss by Bravado looks pretty nice (in a 32DD- just in case someone is offering!  :-) hehe).  The girls just really need to be put back where they belong!

  • Cute strappy sandals!  I don't know exactly what I am looking for, but something chic and sassy for summer!

  • This bathing suit top  

(or maybe this one- although she looks so unhappy! I'm just sayin'!

or this one, oh I can't decide!) 

and this skirt 
(so cute for a swim skirt, right?!) all from Down East Basics.  More modest than a bikini, covers everything that I want covered and just plain cute!  Whatever I get I will probably have to have altered since they don't tend to make suits that fit both my large girls and my small rib cage, but I think these suits would be worth it!

  • I would also really love a gift card to Michaels or Two Peas in a Bucket to get some cute scrapping papers for a decor project I am working on, or a gift card to Pink Chalk Fabrics or JoAnn Fabrics for a little project I have in the works to spruce up my wardrobe and a quilt project I have my eye on!

Alright- I'll stop myself before I get even more carried away!

Anyhow- I better get out there and whoop it up before this year is over!