Friday, February 18, 2011

I amazed my husband with my BOSCH, even though my Pretzels were a failure!

Last week one of my favorite foodie blogs posted a recipe for pretzel bites that the author positively swore by.  She said they were heaven in a bite and since she had never steered my wrong before I soon went about making a double batch of these little confections to delight my family with.

I whipped out my BOSCH Universal Plus Mixer, collected my ingredients and started heaping in the extra-large helpings, just sure that they would barely get out of the oven before they were devoured.

Well, I was right, sort of.  They barely got out of the oven before my husband showed up in the kitchen, burning his lips off to try one of my salty treats.  But seeing as how he is always fairly critical of the recipes I try, I shrugged off his instant grimace of disapproval and insisted that he couldn't judge them yet because they still need to be doused in butter not one, but three times!  ANYTHING should be heavenly after three coats of butter, shouldn't it?

Don't let looks deceive you- they were awful!

Much to my dismay- they were a TOTAL bust!  They were HORRIBLE!  After we realized just how bad they were I even tried coating each bite in a generous helping of brown sugar and cinnamon, but it was no use.  My time and ingredients had been squandered on a failure.  Bwahhhhh!!! :-(

(insert jazzy elevator music here- please stay on the line while Mama Kenz attempts to regain her composure)

I won't even give you the link to the recipe because I wouldn't want to subject you to the temptation of trying to make them edible.  And since I ordinarily adore this foodie blog, I wouldn't want to slander its name.  But if you happen to come across a pretzel bites recipe that swears you will likely fly into orbit once you taste those little morsels... well, you've been forewarned!

On the bright side, I did impress my husband with my kitchen's pride and joy- my BOSCH!  As he saw the trays upon trays of bites covering every surface in the room, he asked, "How did you make those things?  In your mixer?  You can just use whatever recipe?"

To which I responded, "Well... yeah!  You think I would have kneaded a double batch of those ridiculous things by hand?!  Psh!  Do you know me at all?"

I did have a really cute and eager helper though!  That's his "say cheese" face!
But the truth is, that I really do love that I can not only use my BOSCH for any baking recipe, but thanks to Marmee's tutelage in her Breadbasket Cookbook and Make It Special DVD, I also know how to rearrange the ingredients in pretty much any recipe to make them work the most successfully (such as ensuring that your bread rises well and such).  That is such invaluable information that I am so thankful to have learned from her!

In conclusion- I think for now I will be sticking more closely to Marmee's delicious recipes because there hasn't been one yet that we have not only loved but been downright impressed with!  Go give her a visit to see some of the awesome recipes, products and information she has to offer at Marmee's Bread Market!

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