Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rhythm- back on his feet!

Note- these photos were taken on our last day- hence the smiles and liveliness!!
Well, my little guy has been out of the hospital for a little over a week now and as of yesterday morning was given a clean bill of health from his doctor, and more importantly (to him!) the "Ok" to get back to his hip-hop/breakdancing classes!!  (This last note is of special importance since he watched Step Up 3 last weekend!  Let me tell you- it is not easy to keep this kid from break dancing, especially after such a movie!)

You can take the kid outta' the hip-hop, but you can't take the hip-hop outta' the kid!
He was such a trooper in the hospital!  I was so proud of him.  Our stay had some rough spots- particularly the finger-poke blood draws, during the last of which he kicked the lab worker and sent all the vials flying off the bed (luckily they were empty!).  But hey, he is 4 and had been down that road twice already- he's no fool!  He also had a pretty rough time taking the oral medications.  He usually does fine at home but he spit them back out for more than one nurse.  So yeah, physical restraint came a slightly common-place thing in our room, but for the most part he was cooperative and wonderful!  Seriously!  Most of his nurses thought he was adorable and charming, and all of them were incredibly helpful and caring.  We couldn't have been happier with the care he received.

NOT happy about the IV!
Well, all except that one lab worker who came in, insisting she had immediate orders to draw blood.  Umm, yeah, after the nurse argued with her to recheck (she had her gloves on and was already headed toward the poor screaming little guy!), she realized she was in the wrong room!  I couldn't believe it!  Angry much?!
He always had all the toys and stuffed animals he received during his stay tucked in around him- his bed was covered!
The first day home I was a little worried about his pain levels, as the Tylenol with codeine didn't really seem to be cuttin' the mustard, and I kinda thought they had maybe rushed us out of the hospital a little too soon.  Within a day though, he was doing much better and he doesn't ask for the meds at all now.

Showing off his scars!

They went in laparoscopically through his belly button, and two other incisions (one a little larger than the others, but it is below his belt line).
We also had a few friends who provided us with absolutely delicious meals for most of last week.  It was so helpful (especially in light of my own little breakdown- more on that later).  These ladies really went above and beyond!  I mean- they all brought dessert as well and one of them even cut the carrot slices in her salad into hearts!  We felt so blessed and thankful!

Thank you to everyone who prayed and offered support through such a difficult time!  We appreciate every word sent up on our behalf!

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