Monday, May 4, 2009

Introducing my newest Blog!

After some thought about the direction that Mama Kenz Studio is heading in, I have decided to write a new blog, The World According to R-Man... life through the Eyes of a 3-Year-Old!, devoted just to our little 3-year-old man, who we will now be referring to as "R-Man!" We chose the name "R-Man" because not only is he "Our Little Man," but there are many "R" words that describe him so well, including his amazing Rhythm and the fact that he Runs everywhere!

The World According to Roman

This new blog will be all about everything R-Man related, including his latest musings and insights, activities, tot-school and even pictures he takes with our camera! I want to write his new blog as an account of his life and as a gift to him, as I will include letters and notes I write specifically to him along with all the things about him.

My plan is to use R-Man's new blog as a sort of scrapbook for him and eventually publish it into a book, as sites such as The Cutest Blog on the Block will soon be doing. At this point in my life "actual" scrapbooking is just far too time consuming and I feel that I can give better commentary and keep much more up-to-date by simply creating a blog!

So, if you get a chance you will have to jump over there and see what you think! I would love to hear you input on my newest project! Also, I will mostly likely be creating a blog devoted to our newest little addition as well, as soon as he or she arrives, and Mama Kenz Studio will be more focused on my life as a mama (including lots on breastfeeding, cloth diapering, babywearing and so forth), homemaker, doula and knitter! Stay Tuned!

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