Sunday, May 2, 2010

Getting inspired!

Would you believe if I told you that we are sick, AGAIN!?  Well, we are!  I can't believe it, but we are.  This time, I am not letting it stop me though!  I can't keep putting things off because we are sick- life must go on!

So, with that I am trying to get back into the full swing of blogging this week, have a full week of homeschool and get a bunch of extra stuff done to boot!  One of my big things is just getting my booty out of bed earlier in the morning. I'm gonna do it.  Really.  No, I'm serious!

A couple of the extra things I want to do this week are some projects I have recently been inspired by, or start them at least!  Check out these awesome fabric roses from Create and Delegate:

I really want to embellish a shirt with a few of these!  Wouldn't that be cute?!

Or this adorable quilt from Moda Bake Shop:

Or this fun quilting project from Obsessively Stitching that walks you through the whole quilting process from start to finish:

I also recently found an awesome local fabric shop too, which I plan to be spending some serious time in soon!  Check them out online- The Top Stitch.

So that is a little of what I have planned- but hopefully you will be hearing from me much more this week!