Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nano Wrimo is coming- 10 Ways to Prepare!

On Friday the clan over at The office of letters and Light launched the updated site for National Novel Writing Month '10 (NanoWrimo for short)!  I have been waiting for this ever sine I decided to be come an official participant a few weeks ago! 

To think that one month from now I will be working on my first novel is thrilling and terrifying!  I want to be as prepared as possible so that it goes smoothly and I actually stand a chance to finish, so I am diving into my research and whatnot this month.  In this process I have been coming across a few sites that I am finding very helpful and I wanted to share them with you, just in case you decide to take the plunge too!

1. The Snowflake Method- this is the main way I am going to prepare to start writing.  I like the step by step process that allows you to lay out and expand on your story and characters with the byproduct of shortening your writing time!  Cause, hello?!  I will only have a month!

2. Tricia Goyer's site has loads of advise and great links to help you become a better writer.  Plus, she has a writing feature on her blog every Wednesday (if you've never read her stuff, you should).

3. Robin Jones Gunn (the single author who has most significantly and consistently impacted me since the time I was 12) also has some tips on her site.  I like her idea of cutting out pictures from magazines as your characters and getting to know them inside and out before you ever start writing.

4. The Nanowrimo forums- connect with other participants, bounce ideas off each other, commiserate and get encouragement to stay on track!

5. Book in a Month- This book I really want but am probably not going to be able to get before November.  I think it would be such a helpful tool (obviously!)!

6. A Guide To Writing Your Novel- This book on writing fiction sounds amazing and has great reviews.  Even Tricia Goyer said it really helped her career.

7. The Old Schoolhouse Expo has a few speakers who are focusing on writing and although we can't afford for me to get a ticket to the live online event I do hope that I can eventually by the download version (once again- Tricia Goyer is a speaker!).

8. My Writing Nook site and app- this is the program I intend to use to write in.  It is synced through google so it is super secure and will allow me to write on my iphone also, so I will never loose a moment.

9. Evernote has been helpful to stash my crazy thoughts and research and since it's also on my iphone it's really accessible and helpful.

10. Alright, so this one is totally just a dream and never going to actually happen, but I, of course, would LOVE an iPad!  This would obviously be a better choice than my phone, but I'll work with what I've got.  Someday...

So, are you going to join in?  Have you come up with any other resources for this month-long adventure?  I'd love to hear!

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