Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chic Cheeks- Slacker!

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Alright, honestly, sometimes I slack off on certain things about my CDing life. I always use cloth but I don't always execute the full cloth practice as I should. Such as lately I haven't been spraying my dirty dipes off, which I know you don't have to do but it seems to cut down on smell when I do. So, (at the prompting of my husband) I should probably start doing that again.

I also haven't been using my wipes solution, instead I have just been wetting the wipes down with warm water. I think that the water works fine, but the solution seems to help the wipe slide across his skin easier. SO, I should probably start making that again too.

Now, if only these children would stop screaming so I could do some of these things! Here's to hoping!

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Rachel said...

I never sprayed the diapers until my baby started eating solids ... and then it saved time because it meant I wouldn't be picking out little pieces of putrid from the washing machine. ;-)

Wipes... I only use a wipe when she's pooped. But, I always use my spray or else wet the wipe with water because it makes the solid stuff that much easier to get off of her bottom. However, back before she ate solids? A dry wipe would work just fine, and a few times I did that. I still just found that wetness got everything just a bit cleaner.