Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Changes for the fall

So, now that The Summer of Baby Love is over, I have decided to restructure my memes a little bit.  Basically, each meme will be posted once a month, instead of weekly.  Memes will be posted every Tuesday.  When each meme is posted I will also be announcing the meme for the next week, along with the topic, so that it is easier for everyone to participate.  Here is what the new meme schedule will look like:

1st Week of Month:  Chic Cheeks
2nd Week of Month: Where I Babywear
3rd Week of Month:  I Was Here... Breastfeeding
4th Week of Month:  Mama Time

I decided to do this so that I could participate in more of the wonderful memes that you ladies have out there, and because I feel like it will be more feasible for people to join in my memes if I only host one a week!

So, with that said, this week's meme will actually be on Wednesday (because of the holiday) and will be Wear I Babywear- you can post whatever recent babywearing pic you want, to join in!  I can't wait to see where you all have been wearing your babes! 

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HappilyDomestic said...

I know what you mean..after awhile it is hard to think of fresh ideas. I may have to downsize my meme to bi-weekly after my baby is born. We'll see. Right now I am still trying to get participants. Did you see my my announcement at Cloth Diapering Bloggers about this weeks Fluff Talk Thursdays assignment? I do hope you will join in, it should be so fun. :-)

By the way, I have been meaning to ask you... Which brand baby carrier do you recommend for newborns? I have never had luck with carriers before but have only tried cheap brands that hurt my back. I want something that will fit me good (I am real short), yet be comfy and support my back. Thought I would ask you since you seem to enjoy baby wearing. :-)