Monday, January 4, 2010

Early Bird Challenge- Day 2: Utter Failure!

Do you know how difficult it is to keep your eyes open and stay awake when your alarm wakes your baby up along with you at 6:00am and you have to lay there and nurse him back to sleep for 45 minutes?  I equate it with teleportation or time travel- IMPOSSIBLE!

Yeah, so, the schedule kind of flew out the window by the time I woke up two hours late and had not accomplished much of anything that I had intended to by that time of the morning!  My husband pointed out that this may be a common occurrence with a crazy (almost) 7 month old, but I really do hope to do better!  At least yesterday I was able to get up and grab a cup of tea and some breakfast before I had to nurse him back down, so it was easier to stay awake.  Oh well.

I did however manage to do our full day of preschool curriculum with R-Man (we are LOVING Itty Bitty Bookworm!!!) and get my Bible in 90 Days reading done for the day (mostly because I read ahead yesterday!).  I do still need to watch the video teaching for this week... maybe during naptime.

Actually, as far my Bible in 90 Days reading goes I am doing really well (at least one of my goals is panning out).  I am ahead in the reading which is great- I figure there may be slow or difficult days later on (can you say Numbers and Leviticus?!) that I could need some padding for!  

Plus, I totally got sucked into the story of Joseph!  I know it quite well because I have been involved with the musical a number of times, but there is just something about reading the actual account that can make it seem so much more alive and real!  I can't wait to meet that whole clan when I get to heaven- how interesting will that be?!  I really hope that God has a big playback screen so that we can all see this stuff as it actually happened!  Then again, heaven is not held by time, so maybe we can all just watch the original!

Another thing that sucked me into the story of Joseph this time is the fact that we named our baby after one of his brothers!  I even realized today that the nickname I have given him is actually something that Jacob called him in Genesis!  I hadn't read the actual story in so long that I had completely forgotten!  For any of you who know our baby's online name I am sure you can figure out his IRL name, but I'll leave it as a little riddle for you!  If you really want to know the answer and are a consistent commenter on my blogs (aka- an actual bloggy friend, not some random creep who happened upon my blog!) then you can e-mail me your guess I and I'll let you know if you're right!

Anyhow- now I'm off to play catch-up and get things ready for tomorrow so hopefully it doesn't have a similar fate!

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