Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Mentions- January 4!

There are so many cool things that I have found lately and I am just busting to share them with all of you!  So, let's not waste any time!  Check these out!

  • SWAGBUCKS!  Okay, many of you may have heard of this site already but this is a new one for me.  I had heard of it here and there and just thought it was another one of those scamming, time wasting sites that you never really get anything out of.  Well, it's not!  All you do is sign up for an account and start using their site as your regular search engine (instead of, say, Google).  You randomly get points, or "swagbucks" from the searches you do (and you know we all search for things all the time!) which can be traded in for such things as giftcards (to stores like Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble and so many more!), electronics and so forth!  You can also earn points for referrals and such, and whenever someone signs up under you you get points when they get points too!  I know of people who bought all of their Christmas presents this last year just with the bucks they had earned from Swagbucks!  Now seriously, that is pretty darn awesome!  Give it a try- what do you have to loose?!
Search & Win

  • Make Your Own Blogger Background Tutorial!  Okay- this is pretty darn cool too!  I have been really wanting to redo the look of my blog (as well as change the name- more to come on that!) but just haven't found anything that really suits me that is free and I can't afford to have it professionally redone.  Then I stumbled upon this tutorial the other day on The Cutest Blog on the Block and I am so excited about it!  I obviously haven't done it yet, but I am working on it and can't wait to show you all what I come up with!
  • Well, in order to make a really nice background and such of your own, you really need to have some cool digital scrapbooking stuff!  Robin @ the Heart of Wisdom has been featuring some really fun free scrapbooking kits lately and the ones she posted today are SO cool!  They are from The Shabby Princess and I am in LOVE!  They have the coolest download for holiday recipe cards, so of course I am already planning my Christmas projects for next year (hey maybe if I start working on them now they will actually get done by Christmas!)!  Anyhow, they are definitely worth checking out!
  • And lastly for today, here is a project I found through UCreate on Bright & Blithe for a super cute mail sorter that I want to make!  Such great ideas- I think I am going to have a very crafty year!

If you have great things you have found lately then definitely share them in Monday Mentions on Daily Mish Mash!

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brightandblithe said...

Thank you so much for your kind words about the mail sorter. It's very nice to meet you.