Monday, January 11, 2010

Pampered for the crowd!

Okay- quick rundown, to catch you all up before I get to the main goods of this post!  I am still on schedule with my Bible in 90 Days reading (woohoo!!) even after a crazy weekend!  So that is great!  Although Leviticus and Numbers can be quite draining and repetitive at times (okay, a lot of the time) they have also brought some things to light for me that I just had plain forgotten since the last time I read them!  For instance, I don't think I realized just how much time Moses spent with the Lord, intimately, "face to face" it even says!  Crazy!  How amazing that must have been! 

I also think that reading the law gives you a greater appreciation for Jesus!  I mean, especially being a woman- you would have spent half your life unclean!  All the symbolism that correlates with Jesus and his death is pretty powerful stuff too- all the while when we get all worried and grumbly God has this amazing plan He is carrying out!

The Early Bird Challenge has suffered, however.  I took the weekend off (as planned and allowed in my rules!), however my return to the journey failed to happen this morning (I blame the return of Chuck last night!).  It basically just comes down to the fact that I have to go to bed earlier (tear trickling down cheek).  I just need to buckle down and do it or I will never have the energy to complete this challenge (and ultimately change my sleeping habits... which have been ingrained since childhood, might I add!).

Now for the fun stuff!  I got to spend my afternoon yesterday at our local Bridal Fair acting as a model for Ajuva Medical Spa!!  Yessirry Bob!  I had a diamond tip microdermabrasion followed by a hydrofacial!!  They then did a bridal mineral make-up application!  So fun!  How did I get the sweet gig?  Well, it doesn't hurt having your mom as the manager of the spa now does it!?  Haha- hey, whatever works?!  When I got home R-Man looked at me and said, "Oh, mom!  You look beautiful!  I love your pants and your eyes!!"

Here are some pics of the process:



Make-up Application

Everything but lips!

Finished product! 

My skin feels soooooo smooth today!  Glorious! It is amazing how relaxing a facial can be, even when you are having it in the middle of a conference center with dozens of people walking by!  I guess nearly anything is relaxing for this tired mama these days if no little people are screaming at me!  Thanks mom!


Tigermadstanley said...

What a wonderful treat. You look really relaxed after your facial.

Love your blog. Wish I'd known about the Bible in 90 days, I'm doing it in a year. I have to admit that is probably more manageable with everything else I've got on my plate this year!

Small Burst said...

How great for you. Can you tell/see the difference in your skin after the microdermabrasion?