Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Early Bird Challenge- Day 4, B90Days- Day 6: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Okay, I did wake up at 6:00am this morning, nursed Lion Cub until 6:20am and then was up and at 'em!  Got my breakfast and tea and read for a whole hour before Lion Cub woke back up!  At that point, though, all was lost as I climbed back into the warm bed to nurse him again- we both proceeded to sleep until 8:00am. 

So, does this still count as a successful day in my Early Bird Challenge?  My vote is YES!  I mean I did manage to keep my eyes pried open long enough to pull my feet out of bed and proceed upstairs at an hour that hasn't seen me awake much in the past few years!  And I did stay awake for a full hour!  And my every intention was to stay awake if Lion Cub hadn't woken up!  So, while following my new routine may not be completely on course for today, I do believe that I can still count today as a successful Early Bird Day!  Wahoo!

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I am also happy to say that my sixth day of Bible in 90 Days reading is completed!  My goal is to actually finish tomorrow's reading today also (the end of Exodus) so that I can get a good start on Leviticus tomorrow!  I am hoping to catch bits of it all throughout the day (probably on my You Version app on my iPhone while I nurse Lion Cub- a great tool that I highly recommend!) and then finish it up tonight before bed... and go to bed earlier.  Yeah... that.

Anyhoo!  Today I have visited a few more of the other Bible in 90 Days blogs and prayed for them and their families.  Here are the ladies I visited today:
Adventist Homemaker (she actually wrote a novel about the plagues in November!  How cool its that?!)
Adventures in Joyful Living (CUTE kiddos, one of whom had his 5th birthday yesterday!)
Adventures with the Ross Family (this mama can totally relate to the struggles of trying to carve out reading time with a little one!)

If you're on the Mom's Toolbox blog list I'll be stopping by soon!  Best wishes with your reading today ladies!


Jackie at 3littleones said...

I think your morning counts as a success! :) As mom's we always have to be open to changes in our schedules/routines and just adapt - good for you for getting up early this morning ;)

Cassandra said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog and thanks for linking to me! I really appreciate it.

I hope you were able to start Leviticus early. I think the biggest challenge in the 90 day schedule is going to Leviticus/Deuteronomy.

I prayed for you and I hope everything is going well!