Sunday, June 6, 2010

iPhone, Therefore I Am

It happened again- Lion Cub managed to get ahold of my already damaged iPhone and use it as a chew toy... again.  So, what had been a chunk of unusable touchscreen through the middle became the entire bottom half of the screen, thus preventing me from even being able to unlock it.


No iPhone = one lost mama!

Granted, having an entirely too large nonworking strip straight throuh the middle was less than ideal, but I had found ways to work around it.  I had managed to figure out how to access nearly everything on my phone (aside from the "V," "G," and "?" keys and a few apps that just didn't run right with that much missing).  With a little clever manipulation of the icons via my computer link and using my keyboard in landscape mode (which, admitedly, required a generous amount of phone flipping since his method only allowed me to access half the keyboard at a time) I was able to get by.  It was difficult, but I managed.  I was still able to check my google reader and e-mail, although I rarely responded due to the extra helping of energy it required.  Texting was possible if not tedious, and required my friends and family to understand that I hadn't become a gangsta' since I was suddenly dropping all the "g"s off the ends of my words and often spelled words that normally require "v"s with "f"s.

Yes, it was frustrating, but I committed to wait out my dilema and push through until the new 4g, 4OS model was released this summer.  Then, 3 1/2 months into my ordeal (and no, I'm not being mellow dramatic! ;-l ) the second attack of Lion Cub left me utterly helpless and enitrely without a phone! 

So, we ventured into the AT&T store to see what they could do for me.  The salesgirl assured me that even with purchasing a 3G S I have 30 days to return it, and likely within that time the newer version will be released and I can either trade in my phone for an upgrade or, most likely, get a rebate on the 3G S we were about to purchase since it's price would likely drop.  So, even if the next phone is released in a mere few weeks, my long months of iPhone battle were still worth the wait. 


And moreover, her upsales abilities were so keen that she tapped into my girlish sensibilties and picked out the perfect pink plaid cover and mirrored screen protector (see how you can see the perfect reflection of my camera on the screen?), just to make sure she had me hook, line and sinker.  Oooo- she was good!

Now, I must say, it has been so refreshing to have a fully functioning iPhone back in my hands!  I feel more free from my computer, more connected to my social outlets (be they Online or IRL via online or text), and more productive since I can even blog from the comfort of my bed, getting out all my racing thoughts just before I finally drift to sleep (as I am now)!

Somehow, life with iPhone is just... better!  (once again, I have no idea why you think I'm being overly dramtic!)

And now, I wait with bated breath to see what tomorrow's Mac press conference has in store.  I may or may not get the newer version (there is that darn money issue again and my husband's phone is in need of being replaced as well), but by golly I can't wait to find out just what brand of spectacular wonderment Mac has in store this time!  One thing's for certain, you know you'll be hearing about it from me!