Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lamps at Farm Chicks!

I found so many cool lamps at Farm Chicks!  While I didn't buy any, I did gather some much needed inspiration for the future-especially if we end up building in the next couple of years!

Aren't these amazing?!

Check out the shade on this one!  It is just strips of lace, white fabric and different types of fringe!  So cool and would be sooo easy to make!  The base is also beautiful!

THis one, if I had bought it, would have been so cool spray painted and adorned with a different shade!

This one was just... pretty!  I could see it with a cute, girly shade!

So, yes, I know all this is coming about a week after I had intended, but as you will soon see, we had a busy week with Lion Cub's birthday last week and this is as soon as I could fit it in!  More to come!