Friday, June 4, 2010

I Like to Think of them as Wildflowers!

Our backyard has been low on the priority lists for the last few years... ok, since we moved in (my husband moved in 7 years ago while we were dating).  We made an attempt last year to till it all up and put in a garden, but I quickly found that being 40+ weeks pregnant and then coping with a newborn and recovery was not all that conducive to gardening or yard work.  And so, it fell by the wayside once again.

Although we do hope to begin "official" work on landscaping soon, in the mean time I have chosen to view our weed infested ground with a new perspective.  Why not embrace the potential beauty instead of focusing on the fact that the weeds are so high that my four-year-old is literally nearly lost in the jungle when he steps out our back door?  Yes, I do believe that I shall refer to those weeds as wildflowers, henceforth!

I can't entirely take the credit for this fresh perspective, however!  it was tremendously helpful to open the door the other day and have R-Man gasp and quietly utter, "Oh Mom!  Look at all those beautiful flowers!  I just want to go pick some of those beautiful yellow flowers for you!"

And really, who could not think that they are exceedingly beautiful when the most handsome little guy on the block pics you a bouquet?!

Now these "wildflowers" most absolutely adorn the shelf above my sink, and sing to me each day about finding beauty in unexpected places... and seeing the world through the eyes of a sweet child.