Sunday, June 27, 2010

Make your bread with Bosch!

Alright- I have SERIOUSLY been wanting to get a Bosch mixer for 2 1/2 years now so that I can start making our own bread for my family.  I received a grain mill for Christmas but have yet to get the mixer and let's face it, with young kids I NEED the mixer to make this goal a reality- I simply can't do it by hand every week!  With a Bosch though- I think it is totally possible! 

Bosch mixers are the go-to mixers in the homemade bread making world because they have a large mixing bowl to accommodate enough dough to make multiple loaves AND they have the most heavy-duty motor so they don't burn out quickly with the stress of mixing dense dough.

Well, guess what- Deals to Meals is giving one away!!  I want NEED this mixer!  It would make such a difference in the way our family eats, thus making me feel like a better wife and mom!  See- it isn't just about bread- this mixer would change my life!  Okay, maybe that is a little overboard, regardless, I want this mixer!

If you haven't heard about Deals to Meals yet you should go check them out!  It is a pretty cool blog where they not only blog about current deals of food, but they create a menu out of them so that you can actually use the food you purchase!  I love anything that takes a little of the work of being frugal and meal planning for me!  Head on over and give them a gander!