Friday, June 18, 2010

Unexpected Lessons in Hospitality

This evening, as we were preparing a later than normal dinner, a single friend of my husband's unexpectedly showed up at our door. 

My first reaction- surprise mixed with a tinge of annoyance. 

My house was far from tidy. 

Then, my shock mounted as my generous 4-year-old proceeded to invite our guest for dinner!  "Come on in Jeff!  Would you like to have dinner with us?  Mom, clear your computer off that side of table- he can sit right there!  Dad, we need another hotdog!  Jeff, do you like corn?"

I further swallowed my pride.

Dinner was a combination of left-overs and Hebrew National franks.

We only had three ears of corn, but now there were five of us (Lion Cub was just going to have a little of mine).

I took a step back and a deep breath.

How could I really be mad?  If anything I should be greatly humbled and exceedingly proud!  My four-year-old was instantly more hospitable than I ever thought to be.  When my thoughts would have jumped to how I could cleverly, but kindly, hint that we were about to eat dinner and our surprise guest should make his exit, R-Man quickly showed me just how easy my plans were to alter and that we did, indeed, have enough to share. 

More than that, it was simply the right and hospitable thing to do.  This man is not a believer and lives alone- the cliche stands, What Would Jesus Do?  He would do what my four-year-old did.  He would do more than speak to Him about the Lord- He would invite him in and serve Him a meal.

In the end, R-Man did manage to completely talk our guest's ears off (so he actually may have regretted accepting the invitation!  haha!), but his enthusiasm and joy really only seemed to bring a smile to Jeff's face.

Oh the lessons I learn from my four-year-old!